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Which Character would you want to see Crossover to World Beyond?

Discussion in 'Predictions (Spoiler Free!)' started by TeddyWestside, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. sister

    sister Moderator ¸♥.•* Board Moderator Donor

    At this point, nobody. It should be able to stand on its own without such resorting to this.
  2. Flavia

    Flavia ✨What a beautiful feeling ✨ Donor

  3. Mtricky

    Mtricky Ringleader Donor

    Noone. Crossovers aren't their forte, except for Dwight and Morgan in S4A. Hopefully Dwight will still be strong this coming season.
  4. mrdead

    mrdead Lawman Donor

    nobody, at least for 2-3 seasons - it needs to find its own audience
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  5. Go_Away

    Go_Away Lookout

    morgan. let him be the only character that crosses all tv series
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  6. Maggie's Gun

    Maggie's Gun it’s britney bitch

    I never wanted anybody on FTWD and the same goes for this show.
  7. matt93

    matt93 Tank Driver Donor

    Nobody. Just let it be its own fucking show lol. You already made Fear lose its identity and devolve into just a dumping ground for TWD bonus material, which coat you dearly, you don't need to repeat the same mistake with World Beyond.
  8. dagonlongwell

    dagonlongwell Tracker

    Like always, agree with u
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  9. FatherDeath2793

    FatherDeath2793 RV Driver

    None. I really kinda just want this show to be its own thing. Maybe learn a thing about CRM here and there since they'll be involved.

    If anything, I'd really wanna see someone here cross over to the Rick movies or something.
  10. Funion the Baba

    Funion the Baba Biter

  11. Mechroboticon

    Mechroboticon Biter

    Agreed. This whole things has become overkill.
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  12. CaptainNight

    CaptainNight Ass-Kicker

    I'd personally figure the only character they'd be interested in having crossover is Rick. I feel if he does appear it'll be in the last few episodes of season 2 in some "huge shocking reveal" considering I'm willing to bet this show is going to tie into the untitled movie.
  13. Walker_Waster

    Walker_Waster Negan's New Right Hand Man Donor

  14. mrdead

    mrdead Lawman Donor

    have to agree that my answer would be none, crossovers can be cool if done in a well thought out manner that fits the storyline - I would have to answer that the show should be able to stand on its own with well written characters of its own
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    :LOL: - He's be pretty well rotten by now:nailbiting:
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    no such thing as too much Alicia(y)
  15. No1MagrolFan

    No1MagrolFan Ass-Kicker

    TWD - I could see Eugene doing a minor crossover, maybe he ends up getting into contact with them, and helps them out for a few episodes.
    FTWD - Morgan, if he ends up joining the movies at some point, I could see Morgan showing up at the end of its second season.
    TWD Movies - I could easily see Rick crossing over on the shows final episode next year, and if he does, Rick will have appeared in every TWD Universe show.
  16. Carlsrighteye

    Carlsrighteye American Nutter Donor

    I think if it is done properly, it could open up a whole new audience that does not watch the mothership or FTWD. If Gimple is involved, I bet there is a crossover in season two, if it makes it that far. It would guess someone along the lines of a runner , the people that go out looking for stuff that is useful. Jadis would be an obvious tie in.

    The CRM is the only entity to be in all properties and will be in the movies. Take that Rick Grimes!

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