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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Delayed

Discussion in 'General Show Discussion' started by SumoBro, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Ralph

    Ralph Bowman

    Well yes, but as with any business venture, the more you put into something, the more you are likely to get back. Ratings and advertising for each episode are what generate the profit. Cutting the episode count, at this point, makes little sense to me. From where we stand right now, shortening the season doesn't really compute, I don't think. Many months from now, the filming industry is going to want to increase their profit as much as possible as we rebound from this, and more people are investing in their television. It may get delayed, just as S1 is getting delayed, but being truncated is a jump.
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  2. TeddyWestside

    TeddyWestside Scott is Endgame. Donor

    I dont know, the show has been filmed and everything, So i'm curious why the delay. It just airing episodes like TWD does now?

    All I can think is that the last few episodes aren't done editing yet, or they wanted to do at least one panel before its premiere since Wondercon has been postponed.
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  3. Kevin Clanton

    Kevin Clanton Cheetos Connoisseur!!!!!!!! Donor

    I'm thinking this delay has to do with Fear. They want to run the Universe, back to back to back.
  4. TeddyWestside

    TeddyWestside Scott is Endgame. Donor

    but then TWD and WB arent back to back. :cautious:

    I dont think they would risk getting extra viewers by doing the premiere after the S11 finale, just so WB and Fear lined up.
    Also Fear production has (For now) been delayed for three weeks and it would have premiered a little bit later than usual so I dont think it would have harmed the scheduled yet.
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  5. Kevin Clanton

    Kevin Clanton Cheetos Connoisseur!!!!!!!! Donor

    They aren't filming TWD it will be delayed a month to month and half. They won't to cover most Sundays.
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  6. TheGovernor89

    TheGovernor89 Bowman

    Or that the two seasons of it will air back to back.
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    CARADEHABA1 Walker

    Now that I think about it, the series will start well, but I still hope that they give a good reason about the outbreak of the epidemic and where the army, planes, the president, important people are, but the series will not last long, I hope that the characters be good too.
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  8. MC Vallory

    MC Vallory IntoTheWoods Donor

    This article has a bit of an update. I suspect it HAS to air after TWD season 10 finale for either a tie-in, or because something the TWB is a spoiler for the S10 finale. Sounds like cross-overs to me.

    "Another reason World Beyond is not airing in April could be because the show is linked in some way to the Season 10 TWD finale. Some shows choose to start their spin-offs with what is called a "backdoor pilot," an episode on the main show that introduces some of the characters of the sequel. If this is the case with World Beyond, then fans will not get the spin-off until the Walking Dead finale is ready."
  9. Dant9723

    Dant9723 Walker

    I wonder if the masked character could be related to it if that’s the case.
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  10. darthwalker

    darthwalker Hammer Wielder Donor

    I just hope a character on the main show doesn't leave to go to World Beyond. It would be ridiculous at this point. Unless it's Beta. That could be cool. The whisperer arc definitely has to end in season 10 but if they can't kill him, let him run off and appear in another show. TWD moves forward with the CW but Beta gets more mileage. Maybe he kills the teens in World Beyond.
  11. TeddyWestside

    TeddyWestside Scott is Endgame. Donor

    I don't see it happen directly. Since World Beyond is still a little behind of TWD S10.
    Kang also said that there are no plans to crossover a current character to World Beyond.

    DEADLINE: It took a while, but we did get a TWD and Fear The Walking Dead crossover. With Lauren’s Maggie coming back, Danai’s Michonne leaving and the world of Walking Dead going through such significant change, is that in the cards for the mothership and the new show?

    KANG: Oh, I don’t know. I mean, anything is possible in the universe. I’ll say that there’s not been, on my side, any talk of an immediate possible crossover. It doesn’t mean that it won’t ever happen because now there’s a few worlds that are within in the universe all kind of running simultaneously, so we’ll see.

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