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Article The Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs Says It "Sucked" Being Written Out

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by Aussie Walker, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Aussie Walker

    Aussie Walker Clinomaniac Donor


    The Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs Says It "Sucked" Being Written Out

    [​IMG] Paul Dailly at January 2, 2019 8:43 am. Updated at January 2, 2019 8:58 am

    The Walking Dead has lost a string of series regulars of late, and fans are still up in arms about the way Carl Grimes exited the AMC hit.

    Chandler Riggs, who played Carl has now opened up about his feelings about the exit and how it was handled.

    It wasn’t just Carl dying, it was also me leaving the show and kind of moving on to other things,” Riggs revealed at San Jose Fan Fest after being asked about filming his death scene.


    "So in many ways, it was pretty symbolic just for the cast and crew, just for me to be leaving the show in the first place, it was a pretty big deal for all of us," he continued.

    "And yeah, it sucked, and it was many long days, but I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I’m really happy with my performances, and I’m happy with how I left the show.”

    While there were initial reports that Riggs was shocked to be written out of the series, it sounds like the 19-year-old is ready to move on to the next chapter of his life.

    Leaving the show after nearly eight full seasons “opened up so many doors to so many more opportunities,” Riggs revealed.


    “Over the last year I’ve just spent a ton of time refining my craft and my acting, and I’m so excited to go on and do more projects where I can really showcase what I can do.”

    His exit also means that he can watch the show as a fan without knowing what's coming up, but it was “kind of weird at first, not really knowing what’s gonna happen.”

    The Walking Dead Season 9 has been a transitional one for the series. First, Andrew Lincoln bowed out as Rick Grimes after nine seasons as a series regular.

    This also coincided with Lauren Cohan departing as a series regular, and then there are some new villains to prove the show is royally switching things up.


    The new villains are The Whisperers, and their first order of business was killing Jesus (Tom Payne), despite the character going on to have a much bigger role in the comics than he did on the show.

    Oh yes, the TV show is all about deviating from the source material, it seems.

    What are your thoughts on the comments from Chandler?

    Hit the comments below.

    Remember you can watch The Walking Dead online right here via TV Fanatic.

    The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 10 at 9/8c
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  2. twdmojo

    twdmojo Mojo Donor

    Thank you, @Aussie Walker!
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  3. Ms.McLeod

    Ms.McLeod Hooplehead Donor

    It sucked for us as well, Chandler.
  4. FatherDeath2793

    FatherDeath2793 RV Driver

    I love how this is a decision is one that NOBODY is in the mood to defend. I thought it was bad with Andrea's death, but jeez.

    Though...Chandler seems happy now. I know there's a lot of justified negative energy towards Carl's death, though no matter how intense it gets, it won't bring him back. I think it would be best to take that energy and use it to support Chandler in his future endeavors.
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  5. Stinkbug

    Stinkbug Sheriff Donor

    Thank you @Aussie Walker :happy:

    Big time. :cry:

    He's getting on with his life and kudos to him!

    (I'm still hating that TPTB did this AND thought it was a good move for the show. :rage:)
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  6. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    I think it's like that for most of us tbh. Carl's death story wise was a massive mistake to most of us but it might have also been the thing for Chandler. They obviously didn't treat him like a main cast member or give Carl proper development throughout, and when you're working with this show you can't really focus too much on other projects. TWD has to be your priority, and that meant he gave priority to a show that really sidelined him and didn't help him develop his acting skills at all, and now he's taking acting classes. I think he's a bit too harsh on himself about his acting considering what AMC gave him (basically holding a baby for two entire seasons yeah great), but him getting away from AMC's bullshit also seems like the best thing for him as a person.

    I'm never gonna be happy about how Carl got written out, but AMC is basically a shithole from what I understand. I'll always be torn that we lost Carl, but that didn't need to happen and still could have been good for Chandler if AMC wasn't a shithole. Considering it seems to be, imo it's just better Chandler got out of there now while he's still young enough. He attends almost every WSC from what I've seen on their upcoming cities list, so he feels good enough about things that he hasn't left TWD behind and that's good. It was basically half his life as of right now and it'd be awful if he was feeling bitter about that. For all we know maybe he does feel a bit bitter, but if he's made peace with it regardless that's the healthy way to go.
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  7. Stinkbug

    Stinkbug Sheriff Donor

    I really like your perspective on Chandler. I do hope he's made peace with everything. Beautifully said! Thank you!(y)
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  8. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    I meant a good thing for Chandler at the top lol but thank you!
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  9. Stinkbug

    Stinkbug Sheriff Donor

    Yup! I liked your whole post! (y)
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