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Article The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs reveals why season 9 is ‘way different’ than what’s come before

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by Niolle, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    The Walking Dead actor Chandler Riggs has teased how season nine will be a ‘complete turn’ from what’s come before on the show.

    The 19-year-old actor, who played Carl Grimes, may have left midway through season eight, but he’s still been chatting to his former cast mates about what’s to come in the ninth season.

    Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Chandler revealed how Norman Reedus aka Daryl spoke about the many changes set to take place, which has the actor personally excited for its return.

    Asked about whether he believes the show could find a second life after Andrew Lincoln’s departure, Chandler said: ‘I was actually talking to Norman [Reedus] about how much longer he thinks the show is going to go on.

    ‘He was saying the show feels way different in season nine. It takes like a complete turn on everything that they used to do – the way they shot it, the way they design their sets, the dialogue and everything is really different from the last eight season.

    ‘I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen with the show. I’m really excited to see it and see what happens.’

    Chandler left the show on a controversial note, with Carl’s death going against Robert Kirkman’s comic source material and fans, initially, up in arms over the decision.

    How producers told Chandler of his exit also proved a contentious point, with the actor’s father criticising former showrunner Scott Gimple for telling him two weeks before his 18th birthday.

    Chandler, however, isn’t bitter about the show’s handling of the situation – despite only being told about Carl’s death during rehearsals of season eight, episode six.

    ‘My dad has his own views and I have my views on it,’ Chandler said. ‘Obviously I can understand where he’s coming from. If it were my son, I’d definitely feel the same way.

    ‘I did find out pretty late. We were doing rehearsals for episode six when I found out, and usually for a big character death like that, they’d tell me pretty far in advance. But it was a last minute decision to push the storyline forward and ultimately, I’m glad it’s panned out the way it did.’

    Chandler Riggs has since scored roles in upcoming crime drama film Inherit The Viper opposite Josh Hartnett, and is also pursuing a music career.

    Chandler also recently spoke to Metro.co.uk about Andrew Lincoln’s exit, explaining why he was ‘super happy’ for his on-screen father to leave the show.

    The Walking Dead: The Complete Eighth Season is available on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 24th September 2018, courtesy of Entertainment One.

  2. jack grazer

    jack grazer Bowman

    He should be there leading everything that's going to happen :cry:
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  3. sister

    sister Moderator ¸♥.•* Board Moderator Donor

    Thanks for posting :happy:

    Even the actors are wondering about it.

    So there have been a lot of behind the scenes changes too! AK must've gone in there and cleaned house from top to bottom :wideyed:

    All of the interviews that I've heard, articles that I have read - they all have really been pumping the hype about changes.
    Time will tell if viewers find them acceptable and able to make up for the eventual absence of THE main character.
    So we wait right along with the actors.
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    Yes - yes he should. :cry:
    Absolutely no good reason to have killed him off. I'm still mad about it. :sour:
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  4. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    Has he mentioned the whole last minute thing before? I mean, we all knew it, but I don't think anyone's come out and said it yet. It also literally proves they had no idea how to push the story forward. I mean obviously there were the behind the scenes matters with Chandler or whatever really happened, but it's pretty obvious they didn't know wtf they were doing with the story by the time they got to that point. Curiously, they felt the need to remove Carl from the story to move the story forward, even though said story moved forward with Carl alive in the comics. How so very curious, Scott Gimple.

    I'm glad the actors have been so forward about the changes and have been expressing their joy in it. It kind of proves to me that even they were all getting sick of Gimple's handling of the writing, and they seem much happier now in terms of the ability to talk a little bit about what's coming up instead of just saying "we can't tell you anything". Tbh I wish Chandler got to be there still to be part of that. Angela could've done so much good imo in getting him back into the story properly and continuing Carl's development. I do think Henry still would've taken his role in S9, but I also think Carl would've gotten his own story - especially if there's that five year timeskip coming up. That would leave so, so much room for Carl's development.

    Bless this young man though.
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  5. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader


    No way. Henry was really nobody until the episode Carl died (8.09). And if Carl was still alive Henry would have been a prop in Carol's story, nothing else.
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  6. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    Yeah but the reason I would expect this is because he would be given a story for himself at that point and because with the timeskip, he'd be closer to Lydia's age. Carl would be in his twenties during the Whisperer arc, whereas Lydia's age in the comics is sixteen, so if they keep that age, she'd be closer to Henry's age. Plus, Carl would still have Enid presumably, unless that story just dropped or they "broke up" or whatever they even were.

    Henry is also close to Carol and Ezekiel, who are main characters at this point, and if Ezekiel does still get his comic storyline for this arc, well... Henry's in a good position to be in relation to that. Plus, Henry could be like Carl was to Rick and Lori/Michonne story-wise in a sense, just to Carol and Ezekiel. The same "have to protect the child and also teach him" type of scenario, etc. He, age-wise, would be the best person to take Carl's comic story while Carl himself gets his own personal story for the show because of the massive age difference between the show/comic (if he had lived to his twenties). Carl's story has already been passed around to people in the past as is (like Rosita shooting Lucille), so it's not like it'd be news, per se, that someone else got his story. I'd be totally okay with it if Carl still got story instead of being pushed to the background ninety percent of the time, Scott Gimple.

    I really get where Chandler's coming from about being interested to see where it will go with the replacement. I personally haven't been too interested in Henry because he unfortunately got turned into being nothing but a Carl replacement by Gimple. I'm hoping Angela fixes that and makes him something more, because he wasn't originally made to be Carl's replacement, seeing as they hadn't even planned to kill Carl when he was introduced. Gimple's bad writing is what did this to Henry imo, which is why I want to see Henry with a fresh start from another writer and hope they can make something out of him. He might become a character I enjoy with a five year timeskip, so I don't want to judge on that harshly without seeing it.

    But I will, of course, judge harshly the fact that we'll have no Carl before we even see the no Carl season. That is one thing I will judge before seeing. >.> >.> >.>
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  7. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    Matt Lintz doesn't look younger than Chandler. At all. They look the same age. So it would make no sense to give him Carl's biggest storyline.
    Also, i think if Carl was alive there wouldn't have been a second time jump and Rick would have died later (in 9B).
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  8. HBelusky

    HBelusky Bowman

    Chandler shows real maturity there.

    He handles his demise like a professional. I'm still bitter af!!
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  9. Coltpython357

    Coltpython357 Midnight toker Donor

    Classy Chandler
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  10. Lovedsammy

    Lovedsammy Carl Grimes Deserved Better Donor

    I definitely couldn't be as professional as he was about it. I'm also still bitter as fuck about it, and I let him know that when I saw him in April. :ROFLMAO: He's a very classy young man. He won't verbally criticise the show or Gimple/AMC because it's a bridge he doesn't want to burn, and I respect that. But I'm not going to lie: I highkey enjoy seeing him throw shade at the show from time to time in that subtle way that he does.
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  11. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    Every time I see stuff like this more than once I am reminded why I love Chandler so much but also how much better S9 would have been with him there and I'm not bending on that thought. At all. A six year time jump Carl would have been amazing. Daryl and Carl could have wrecked shit together. :frown:
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  12. BowlFullOfAwesome

    BowlFullOfAwesome Spoiler Team | #TSDFamily Spoiler Team Donor
    Spoiler/Social Media Stalker

    awe Carl died :frown:
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