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The say something nice to Chandler Riggs thread

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by SliceyDicey, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. justafrog

    justafrog Terminant

    Your character's arc, and your portrayal, have been terrific. Ignore the haters - as you have learned already in your young life, the internet is full of idiots tearing other people down because they want to feel important themselves. The fact that you're lining up work now with legitimate industry professionals on your own merits tells you everything you need to know.

    You seem like a sensible guy who will avoid many or all of the "child star" pitfalls. Do smart things. I'll be rooting for you!
  2. breezy94

    breezy94 Marauder

    I havent even watched tonights episode but here goes...

    Youve been one of my fave characters on this show for a while now (the other being Andy) and I am completely shocked that it was not your decision to leave TWD. I feel horrible for you and your family, it must be heartbreaking. I am so disappointed, but I truly hope that you find other projects that are just as good, if not better! Ive heard your first song, which is excellent! I cant wait to hear the rest. And I hope all the best for you with your new acting gig in Inherit the Viper. All of this just makes me more excited to meet you at WSC Melbourne in February, hopefully!

    All the best and we will miss you! :happy:
  3. voidxgrimes

    voidxgrimes Deadmeat

    chandler, i am so so sorry that they would do this shit to you. you definitely didn’t deserve it, and it makes me pissed off.
    whatever you decide to do with your life is up to you, but i will always continue to support you.
    you have done a phenomenal job with carl for the past 8 years, and i couldn’t ask for anything more. im so glad i got the opportunity to watch you grow into this amazing young man. im so lucky to have found a character that i love so fucking much. i couldn’t imagine anyone else in that role, you absolutely nailed it.
    good luck in the future, and i can’t wait to see what’s next for you :happy:
  4. Carol's Cookies

    Carol's Cookies Aaron Rodgers' cookie maker Donor

    I have truly enjoyed watching you grow up on one of my favorite shows! You are a very talented actor and I wish you all the best in your future projects, no matter what they may be. Thank you for giving the fans a Carl Grimes that we will always remember fondly.
  5. Lolololove3

    Lolololove3 Hammer Wielder

    You made Carl into a character that I love so much that he is one of my favorite characters ever. Not just in the walking dead, but out of the many shows I've watched. So thank you. I love you and wish you the best!
  6. Survivor26

    Survivor26 Marauder

    Thank you Chandler, for your participation in a show that has deeply affected so many people. So many of us have clearly leaned in to the messages of hope, courage, community, resilience and strength that you and your fellow actors have communicated so well. I know that I have used the metaphor of the show to help me cope with my own of life's challenges.

    I'm sorry it wasn't your call to leave - I hope you know that there are a lot of people out there who wanted you to be the Last Man Standing. But I'm so inspired that you had the tenacity to so beautifully ask the creators of this website to hold back on the Big Reveal. Although I was one of the ones who wanted to know, I'm so glad they honored your request.

    Good luck in your future endeavors. You have a very bright future ahead of you, I'm sure...
  7. Tiffanyb420

    Tiffanyb420 I drink and I know things... Donor

    You are an awesome young man! God that makes me feel old as hell saying that, but you're half my age so.... I started watching this show in the 4th season. I was a little disappointed in how you treated your "dad" but that was the script, not you personally. Even tho we pretty much knew what was going down with you, you still made me ugly cry like an idiot! lol But that's a good thing! I'm not a huge crier during tv shows, but you and Steven Yeun made me ball my eyes out. Everything I have seen about you points to the fact that you seem to be a really sweet, humble kid. I wish you the best of luck during your movie and for your life! Stop by and say Hi sometime and if you ever come to Buffalo, let me know! My 13 year old daughter and myself will show you a great time! Keep up the awesome work!
    Tiffany B, Angola, NY
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  8. dixonxrovia

    dixonxrovia lydia protection squad Donor

    thank you for everything chandler. i'm so glad i got to grow up watching you grow up. i know you'll keep doing amazing things and i'll support you always.
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  9. Vonvaltersteinz

    Vonvaltersteinz Mother of Danes and Resident Kingdom Cat-sitter Donor

    Chandler, you keep doing you and being the down to earth, cool young man that you are. I have enjoyed watching you grow on one of my favorite tv shows, and will continue to watch you grow in your future endeavors. It surprises the hell out of me that this was not your decision, and unfortunately that is further proof of the poor direction this show has taken the past few seasons. But you have always portrayed Carl so well throughout the years and i truly believed you would be the last man standing in this story. It shows grest maturity knowing that you approached the heads of this website in that manner, and i hope you now see that what we do here is all out of our love and obsession for this show/family that you have helped create.
    Good luck to you in all your future projects. :headbang:
  10. Vnnoel

    Vnnoel Certified Rick + Michonne trash™ Donor

    Thank you for bringing such a wonderful character to life all these years. You’re an amazing human and I’m proud to see you pursue your dreams. I can tell you have a bright future ahead of you and I am excited to witness all of your successes. ❤️
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  11. Cracker

    Cracker Hammer Wielder

    You are by far my favorite one eyed actor on the show (fuck that governor guy). Thanks for helping make the only show my teens and I watched together over the years. Good luck in all your future paths.

    Go Dawgs!
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  12. draggonsgate

    draggonsgate Keeper of Carol's Cookies Donor

    Nor only have we watched you grow up on the show, we've been blessed to see you grow! Whatever you endeavor to do in the future, you are sure to be a success! All the best!
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  13. Ms.McLeod

    Ms.McLeod Hooplehead Donor

    Chandler -
    TWD may be over for Carl, but this is only the beginning for Chandler.
    You have a very bright future ahead.
  14. Minty

    Minty Bowman

    Hi, Chandler! I loved Carl since day one, even when he was an annoying little boy who wouldn't stay in the house! lol Watching you and him grow up right in front of my eyes was an experience I'm flattered to have been a part of. I'm going to miss him and you on the show and I'm heartbroken it had to be this way. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in all of your future projects and I hope you're very successful in whatever you choose to do from now on!
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  15. Michaeldisco

    Michaeldisco Hammer Wielder

    Don’t listen to the haters Chandler, never let the negativity bring you down. You’ve done a wonderful job as Carl over the years, and there are no words to describe how saddened I am by this death. You’ve crafted one of the best TV characters of all time in Carl, and I hope you are proud of that.

    I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. And hope that the show honors you in its final seasons. Because it’s becoming clearer that the end is near.

    It makes me happy to know that the cast will always be a family though. So even if Carl might be gone soon, you guys are still a family. One of the best casts on TV :happy:
  16. keylimepie

    keylimepie Deadmeat

    Your performance in the MSF was fantastic and the ending was absolutely heartbreaking! I'm going to miss you and Carl; you both deserved better, but I know this is just the beginning of bigger and better things.
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  17. FatherDeath2793

    FatherDeath2793 RV Driver

    Somebody sent this to your ask.fm awhile back. Your response was "what have you done." Sums it up pretty well.

  18. Takwakin

    Takwakin Destroyer of worlds Donor

    Chandler without Carl in TWD there is no point. I will no longer be watching the mess they made of the graphic novel. I wish you well in your future endeavors. I sincerely enjoyed your portrayal of Carl. YOU were Carl Grimes for me. Take care and all the best.
  19. Eye bulb

    Eye bulb Deadmeat

    Thank you , you did a fantastic job in every scene . I loved Carl from the beginning, you won everyone over so rapidly, I was on edge of my seat every time Carl was in danger . You are a massive part of why a zombie show gained such huge mass appeal. Wish you every success in the future you deserve it
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  20. sunliner403

    sunliner403 Bowman

    I don't know if Chandler still checks this forum out, but if you do...I just want to say that I'm one of thousands who think it's BS the way the writers treated you. I know a little about showbiz/music and yes, it's a brutal industry but still, this sucks. TWD was the first show in decades that I really got into and it makes me mad the way the writers are flying it into the dirt, but for that reason...maybe just maybe they did you a favor having you go out like a damn boss. Know that me, my family and legions of others will be watching to see what you do next. You seem like a great guy...we got your back no matter what. TeamRiggs!

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