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The say something nice to Chandler Riggs thread

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by SliceyDicey, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. blue-monday

    blue-monday Stupid is as stupid does Jared Donor

    Your kneecap shooting skills in 7.16 were stellar. By far my favorite Carl scene. You gave 0% fucks and I loved you for it.
  2. No Worries

    No Worries Couch Potato Donor

    I couldn’t picture anyone else playing Carl.
    Show Spoiler
    And I hope that the Carl death rumors are false. The show wouldn’t be the same without you!
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  3. rantotta

    rantotta Hammer Wielder

    Your graduation gift picture made me smarter. While I was doing some TWD s1-6 rewatching this summer, I also stalked the main cast member's social media. So I came across said pic and was like "?!? I know like 2,5 of those bands/musicians. Ok, I'm old, but. What ARE those?" I had successfully disliked and ignored EDM since the 90s but I couldn't bear with my ignorance now so I looked up stuff and thangs (and even found some that I liked). I want an Ableton Push now.
  4. atlanta

    atlanta Silence is gold Donor

  5. Laken

    Laken RV Driver Donor

    Chan you are a cute lil bean
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  6. Scorpio

    Scorpio Ass-Kicker

    Chandler good luck with your music and acting career. I've enjoyed watching your growth as an actor. We'll miss you.
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  7. voidxgrimes

    voidxgrimes Deadmeat

    i love your performance as carl, and i couldn't imagine anyone else in that role. i adore your talent, and i hope you go far in whatever you choose to do with your life, as long as you're happy, i am.
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  8. Jamie Paris

    Jamie Paris Bowman

    Watching you grow up in front of my eyes has created a "mother type" care for you. (I hope that doesn't creep you out :LOL:) I ALWAYS thought you and Daryl would be"The Last Men Standings".
    I finally let my kids, both boys (11 & 13), watch TWD. Needless to say, you are their favorite. They also love "Carl Poppa", :LOL:. They would ask me to play it ALL the time.
    I hope whatever you choose to do in life will bring you much joy, as you brought to everyone for the past 8 years.
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  9. MartyTooFly

    MartyTooFly Terminant

    Mr. Riggs,

    We've watched you grow from a squishy cheeked little dude to an ass-kicking teenager with hair that would make 80's hair bands weep. You've become a man in your own right and honed your craft in the process. We'll miss you, but we wish nothing but the best for you.
  10. cajunlmt

    cajunlmt Hunter

    Enjoyed watching you grow up on the show. They didn't give you nearly enough screen time. Good luck on whatever you do in the future.
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  11. RockingDead

    RockingDead Walker

    You're such an amazing actor, especially for your age! And this kinda goes without saying but you're hot af too, no one can deny that.
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  12. Coltrainer

    Coltrainer it’s all gone to shit Donor

    Chandler, we absolutely love you. Some of us have watched you grow up before our very eyes; others, like me, have grown up with you. Thank you.

  13. roman cavalry

    roman cavalry Site attache - maggie's centurion Donor

    great acting i will miss you
  14. Isleofpalms1

    Isleofpalms1 Hunter

    Gonna miss you so much on the show. Best of luck to you in everything you do moving forward.
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  15. Luci

    Luci Glenn's widow Donor

    I will miss Carl. And I hope CH have a great life and he succeeds in his new career.
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  16. Caleb

    Caleb Winter is Coming Donor

    we watched you grow up before our eyes into a man from being 10 to now being 18 you have a lot of life left make the most of it and we thank you for your contributions to our favorite show thank you Chandler so much.
  17. paranoid_fool

    paranoid_fool Archer Donor

    so much to me optimism :frown:

    Gonna miss you :frown:
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  18. darthwalker

    darthwalker Hammer Wielder Donor

    Chandler. You nailed every scene in this episode. Absolutely amazing! I'm sure your final scene will be just as awesome! Best wishes and good luck on future projects!!
  19. Rhee27

    Rhee27 Glenn & Carl deserved better Donor

    Thank you for putting 8 years of your life, your childhood into this show. You were one of my favourites and I will miss you a lot. At least now you aren’t tied to a show that doesn’t use your talent half as much as it should. I hope in your next job your boss appreciates you more than the last one did.
  20. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    I will be interested in all your future projects. You're so talented. AMC didn't allow you to show it most of the time.
    So i'm sure you can be a great actor with a bit of luck. And your music is great too.

    Please always remember you're loved, by so many people.

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