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The Official Season 6 Prediction Thread

Discussion in 'Predictions (Spoiler Free!)' started by No1MagrolFan, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. Przewalski

    Przewalski Hammer Wielder

    It is all about syndication for AMC, You need at least 88 eps for a nice syndication deal and Fear will reach that number in season 7. In other words, i think you are right. :LOL:
  2. Pape

    Pape The Soulmate Donor

    I have it from good authority that Alicia meets a mysterious traveller, who helps her discover her inner artist...

    Alicia and the Mysterious Traveller (open)
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  3. Coltpython357

    Coltpython357 Midnight toker Donor

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  4. PatriciaS

    PatriciaS Bowman

    Not Strand!!! :arghh:
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