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Terminus prediction.

Discussion in 'Predictions' started by Yuiiski, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Yuiiski

    Yuiiski Termite


    So we all know that most of the group is on there way to Terminus, now the meaning of the word terminus is this.. "the end of a railway or other transport route, or a station at such a point; a terminal."

    What IF! Terminus is but a small Sanctuary that takes survivors to an even bigger Sanctuary in Washington D.C by train, anyone following?

    Lets say this.. Rick and the others in Season 5 get put on a train from Terminus to Washington D.C and halfway we could get to see The Hunters?

    That is my theory anyway ^-^
  2. Sasha 3

    AlVan Bowman

    Interesting theory! I think they'll still be on the road next season but we'll see
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  3. Beth Greene

    Kristin Lookout

    What if there was absolutely nothing at Terminus, or there was but it got completely overrun/destroyed.
    How disappointing would that be? lol
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  4. Hershel Greene

    alsoafan Walker

    My avatar says it all
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  5. Tara

    daniel414141 Bowman

    I think this places is just a trap, (probably cannibals involved) and the signs are there to lure people, but this is just a shot in the dark
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  6. Sky

    Sky Walker Bait

    Terminus is bad. Like bad. BAD.
  7. Rick Grimes 6

    Hackman Site Olaf Staff Member Site Greeter

  8. Craptaculous

    Craptaculous Biter

    Just for those who don't know where the name might come from- Terminus was the original name of Atlanta. However, based on where they're supposed to be and where the maps show Terminus, I don't think they're heading back to ATL. However, if it's set up as some sort of "new beginning" for Georgia, it would make sense that they borrowed the original name of the capital.
  9. Yuiiski

    Yuiiski Termite

    After thinking I do indeed think Terminus is a trap. It would be more i interesting.. ^_^
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  10. Morgan Jones 2

    ShinyFirefly Owner/Admin - Site Whipping Post Staff Member Administrator

    It's still a good theory. TPTP could go so many directions with this. I'm leaning more towards "Gareth" being Chris, the leader of the Hunters, mixed with some other characters and that we'll see him in the finale having something to do with Terminus.

    But I'm really glad they totally changed the name of whatever this is. Having it be named Sanctuary would make it just too obvious.
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  11. Daryl Dixon

    Carowen Bowman

    Sanctuary is just a pretty name that you slap on a place to lead disparate people to their doom. Sort of the way you set out cheese in a mouse trap then BOOM!
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  12. aljohn

    aljohn Roamer

    i think terminus is a church where beth is right now!they will all meet there and continue the plan of abraham. to get eugene in DC
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  13. leliofirefly

    leliofirefly Roamer

    im sorry but everyone says trap , so i dunno so much about the trap theory we shall see tho

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