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Rick is in a place called the Civic Republic & Meaning of A and B?

Discussion in 'Speculation with Spoilers' started by verytalldwarf, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Jamie Paris

    Jamie Paris Bowman

    A = After Death
    B= Before Death
    Kind of like BC and AD
  2. Brent26

    Brent26 Bowman Donor

    A and b isn't biten or not biten. If they want someone biten just have them but.
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  3. Playan

    Playan Ass-Kicker

    (I didn't read the previous posts so... I don't know if someone already told my theory but : )

    the CRM is trading 2 types of people : A and B.

    We know that Rick, Negan and Gabriel are A. Heath is probably an A too.

    Jadis only wanted to trade A to the CRM. According to Jadis, she thought Gabriel was a B, but he is an A, because he didn't want to leave with her.
    That means, A are probably leaders, making their own decisions and they don't let people influence them. (maybe a threat to the CRM? because the CRM wants their soldiers to apply the protocols (cf. Isabelle on FTWD).

    B are probably followers (≠ leaders).

    Everytime she got A's, Jadis/Anne tried to get them bit. But she never did that for the only B she traded (Rick). Rick was an A from the start BUT in order to save Rick, she lied to the CRM soldiers and told them he is a B.

    I really think they want to keep B's to maybe transform them into soldiers. and kill or do experiments on A's. I'm wondering WHY they have to get bit to be traded to the CRM ? Why not just kill them ?
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