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Rick Grimes Movie #2 Fan-Made Synopsis

Discussion in 'Predictions (Spoiler Free!)' started by ThePenguin49, May 5, 2020.

  1. ThePenguin49

    ThePenguin49 Ass-Kicker

    Hey guys! I wrote this on my Rick Grimes Movie #1 fan made synopsis, but I thought I might do it in a seperate thread, just to keep each thread focused on each individual movie. As I said in the last thread, I will write movie 3 is there is enough demand! Also, check out my first movie synopsis if you want an idea of who these characters I've made up are. This is simply how I would write the movies if I was in Gimple's position.

    The film opens up with "Freedom Rider" by Traffic playing as the opening titles appear. It is then revealed that Groves is listening to this in his office while sitting there, looking furious over Rick's escape. He receives a call from Craddock, telling him that they are closing in on a small group of people that very well could be Rick, Jadis, Anne and Chase. He orders Craddock to pursue them, to which he and his men do. However, after catching this small group, it turns out to be Michonne, Aiden and Bailey, the survivors she met in her last episode. Michonne's group surrenders and are handcuffed by Craddock's men. However, once Michonne sees the CRM logo on a soldier's uniform, Michonne freaks out and demands to know where Rick is, causing Craddock to smile, seeing that she knows who Rick is.

    Meanwhile, Rick, Jadis, Heath and Chase are flying away in a helicopter, heading towards Virginia when suddenly, they are attacked by another CRM helicopter, as one of Craddock's soldiers has caught up with them. They are forced to go in the other direction and make an emergency landing in Ohio. The damaged helicopter becomes surrounded by walkers. After wiping out the walkers, Chase tries to fix the helicopter, but it is broken beyond repair. Rick is flustered that they are now in the complete other direction of where they wanted to be. They find a car, hotwire it and decide to drive to Virginia, left with no other choice.

    At the CRM headquarters, Craddock brings Michonne's group to Groves, where Michonne demands to know what he did to Rick. He explains what the CRM is and what they do and then essentially explains to her Rick's journey throughout the first film leading up to his escape, even his sexual relationship with Molly that unsettles Michonne. Michonne tells him that he has a daughter and a son back home and that she wants him returned to her, to which Groves smugly says Rick will return to her, but not alive. Groves also tries to get information out of Aiden and Bailey regarding their giant group of survivors, but they refuse to give him any details. He throws them in the same cell Jadis was locked up in and says when they decide to cooperate, they will seek freedom. Groves sends Craddock and his men back out on the search for Rick's group and says he will find out details on the survivor caravan himself.

    Elsewhere, Rick's group continues to drive down the road and they all chit chat along the way. Chase opens up about his past, saying he was a helicopter pilot before the apocalypse and tells him about how he lost his wife and son and how he ended up working for the CRM. The car then runs out of gas and they are forced to go on foot until they find fuel. The group splits up to find fuel in two different directions; Rick and Heath go in one direction while Jadis and Chase go off in the other. Back at the CRM headquarters, Groves interrogates Michonne, Aiden and Bailey, demanding to know where their camp is located. He goes as far as to torture Aiden, showing how sadistic he is. When he threatens to rape Michonne, Bailey then gives up the location of their camp. Satisified, Groves sends Dr. O'Bannon to treat Aiden's wounds and throws them back in their cell. Groves allows Aiden and Bailey to leave, but Michonne must remain imprisoned.

    As Rick's group splinter groups venture off to find fuel, Rick and Heath interact for a bit and Heath even asks about how Glenn died, to which Rick tells him how. This deeply saddens Heath and he says he hopes to see Tara again someday (Yeah... About that.) Elsewhere, Jadis and Chase find fuel at a gas station, but are both captured by two women, managing to send a radio message to Rick and Heath that they are being captured and give their location. Heath and Rick arrive at the gas station where they were captured and are able to track them to a large settlement. The settlement is called The Liberators and are led by a woman named Sally and it consists of thousands of survivors. It is revealed that this is the same group that Aiden and Bailey were a part of. While Rick and Heath are scouting it out, trying to rescue Jadis and Chase, they find themselves captured by Sally's men and interrogate them, believing them to be part of the CRM. However, Rick explains that they were held captive there and that he is looking for his family back in Virginia. Sally explains that her sister was captured by the CRM and the Liberators were working on building their numbers up and attacking the CRM to seek vengeance and retrieve her sister, along with the other members of their community who were taken by them. They manage to negotiate their way out and Sally allows them to join the Liberators. They have a giant tanker truck, showing they have all the fuel that they need, which is foreshadowing an event later in the film... (To be continued)
  2. ThePenguin49

    ThePenguin49 Ass-Kicker

    (Continued)... As Groves leaves with Aiden and Bailey to find their settlement, O'Bannon visits Michonne in her cell, telling her that he does not agree with Groves' methods of leadership and tells her all about his history with Groves; the last time Groves trusted somebody, he ended up betraying him and murdered his wife right in front of him. So consumed with rage, Groves refused to let his wife's killer die and wanted to make him suffer for what he did and knows that if Groves finds Rick, he will torture him the same way he did his wife's killer. He frees Michonne from her cell, gives her keys to a car and encourages her to go find Rick. It is revealed that he was eavesdropping on Aiden and Bailey as they gave detailed instructions to where the Liberators' settlement is. She thanks O'Bannon and escapes the CRM to continue her journey to find Rick. At the Liberators' settlement, Rick and Sally are talking, where Sally reveals her sister was Molly, which emotionally impacts Rick, but he refuses to tell her that he killed her. Elsewhere, Craddock's soldiers end up tracking Rick and the others at the Liberators' settlement, contacting Groves via radio that he may have found Rick. He orders him to take hostages and use them to get Rick, Jadis, Heath and Chase back if they are there.

    Out on the road, Michonne follows the instructions on the map that O'Bannon gave her and finds Groves, Aiden, Bailey and some CRM soldiers out heading for the Liberators' settlement. Michonne blends in with an incoming herd using the Whisperers tactic and once she gets close to the group, she attacks Groves, engaging in a fight with him and orders Aiden and Bailey to escape, which they do so. After an intense fight, the injured Groves manages to escape and Michonne ends up going in the other direction with Aiden and Bailey, rushing to get to the Liberators' settlement before Craddock's men do first. Craddock and his men do arrive and fire their guns in the air, demanding that they hand over Rick, Jadis, Heath and Anne, having captured seven of their people. He says all he wants is them back and he will let the rest of them stay where they are. Suddenly, the gunshots drew a giant herd into the area and they raid the settlement. Craddock orders his men to attack and they fight through inside to try and find Rick. As a shootout ensues, it draws more walkers into the area and Jadis decides to take matters into her own hands. She orders Rick to lead the Liberators out of the settlement and she will catch up later. Reluctant at first, Rick agrees to do so and leads the entire community out of the area while Jadis stays back with the herd. She draws the herd near the tanker truck and says goodbye to Rick through the walkie talkie. Rick is an emotional mess, begging Jadis not to do this, but Jadis encourages Rick to go get Michonne and shoots the tanker truck, exploding and destroying her, the settlement and the entire herd. Rick tries to run back to help Jadis, but Heath holds him back, saying they need to get out of there. Michonne, Aiden and Bailey find the settlement in ruins, but are able to track and see that many survivors got away on foot and they follow the tracks to where the survivors escaped.

    As Rick is devastated over Jadis' death, he leads the group to a small town to regroup. They seek refuge in a giant building, where Rick bonds with members of the Liberators. They prepare for the incoming fight against Craddock's men, knowing that it is only a matter of time before they find them there. Back at the CRM, Groves confronts O'Bannon over Michonne's escape, having put the pieces together. O'Bannon tries denying it, but Groves says there is no use as he kills O'Bannon by stabbing him in the stomach. Back in the town, Rick's group set up fortifications around the town for when they arrive. Craddock and his men arrive and engage in a shootout in the center of town, where several of Craddock's soldiers are killed. As Craddock sees Rick on the balcony of another building, he leads five soldiers into that building to get him and Rick decides to face Craddock head-on. Inside the building, Rick kills Craddock's men and then fights Craddock in a knife fight. After sustaining a beating, Rick succeeds in getting the upper hand and supposedly kills him. As for the rest of Craddock's men outside the building, Michonne, Aiden and Bailey arrive and help annihilate the rest of them. As Aiden and Bailey reunite with Sally and the group, the moment you all were waiting for is here: Rick exits the building and sees Michonne. The same song that played in Season 5 when Rick and Carl reunited with baby Judith, plays. They run into each other's arms, crying in tears of joy, kissing and hugging.

    The final scene of the film is Groves giving a speech to everyone at the CRM, declaring war on the Liberators and tells everyone that they are going to war, setting up the final film in the trilogy, as the final scene in the film shows Groves' army, preparing for the final battle. In the post-credits scene, Craddock is revealed to have survived his fight with Rick and he stands up, angrier than ever and thirsty for revenge.

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