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Possible titles and synopsis of episodes

Discussion in 'Season 1' started by MrMcClincy, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. MrMcClincy

    MrMcClincy Lookout

    1.01 "Brave"

    Iris welcomes an enigmatic ally to their community, while Hope questions the visitor's motives; a message upends the sisters' world view, forcing them to decide between the safety of their home and the uncertainty of the world beyond.

    1.02 "The Blaze of Glory"

    The group adjusts to the reality of life beyond their community's walls; Iris attempts to take charge, in spite of Hope's reservations; Felix and Huck trail the teenagers while Felix is forced to confront unwanted memories.

    1.03 "The Tyger and the Lamb"

    Burdened by their pasts, members of the group adopt opposing strategies for dealing with a massive obstacle; pressure is put on the group to return home.

    1.04 "The Wrong End of a Telescope"

    The group seeks shelter from a storm inside an abandoned high school; while re-supplying, they imagine what high school life was once like and encounter new threats both living and dead.

    1.05 "Madman Across the Water"

    While the group works together to cross the Mississippi River, a plot to steer the teens back home hits a snag; a member of the group must overcome past trauma to save the others from an approaching threat.

    1.06 "Shadow Puppets"

    When an unexpected newcomer reveals information that could help them reach their destination, the group cuts a deal; while some are intrigued by the new arrival, others are suspicious.

    1.07 "Truth or Dare"

    While the group searches for something to advance their quest, one of them recalls their struggles in the early days of the apocalypse; a game of truth or dare brings emotions to the surface.

    1.08 "The Sky Is a Graveyard"

    A horrific discovery finds the group at a crossroads and prompts one of them to revisit past trauma.

    1.09 "The Deepest Cut"

    A series of setbacks causes a member of the group to reevaluate their role in the mission; someone makes a surprising discovery; a startling revelation casts everything in a new light.

    1.10 "In This Life"

    A divided group struggles to reunite; others set their sights on the greater good.

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  2. Kevin Clanton

    Kevin Clanton Cheetos Connoisseur!!!!!!!! Donor

    Thanks can't wait
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  3. draggonsgate

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    Glad to see they're sticking to the tried and true... and overused...

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