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I finally watched "Honor"

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by sunliner403, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. sunliner403

    sunliner403 Bowman

    I skipped watching Riggs' last episode when it first aired, because I was just bitter about the way he was treated by AMC. I watched all the others since then but just could not see Carls' death. BUT I finally watched it yesterday, and I was beyond impressed with his acting and really how the whole episode was done. I mean I still and will always, wish they had kept Carl around and could have done so much with him especially with the new producer at the helm but for what it was, it was well done.
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  2. AlVan

    AlVan Ringleader

    It was the only good season 8 episode imo
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  3. Bre Phillips

    Bre Phillips Crimson Tide Chick Donor

    I ugly cried the entire time. Chandler was outstanding in “Honor.” I would still like to rip Gimple’s leg off and beat him with it. :carl:
  4. Humza

    Humza Ass-Kicker

    Riggs! Where are you riggs? (Danny Glover Voice) ..... 2Nd time watching & Balling again.
    Morgan Something out of A horror film.

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