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Article First Plot Details For Walking Dead Movie Reportedly Revealed

Discussion in 'General Movies Discussion' started by SilverRain, May 17, 2020.

  1. draggonsgate

    draggonsgate Keeper of Carol's Cookies Donor

    Sadly, at this point, I couldn't give two shits about the movies... I'm expecting nothing more than a shitshow extraordinaire filled with Gimple-esque meaningless details. I'll prolly watch it though... on youtube...
  2. SilverRain

    SilverRain Tracker

    I don't mind a redefining of the setting (I see it more as a progression) between the comic and the shows/movies. I think of it like Marvel Comics and the MCU: same characters, familiar settings and stories, but adapted differently.

    Just because Kirkman didn't want to explore a cure doesn't mean that it necessarily will be bad. From the beginning, Gimple wanted to do something different with the films.

    A community/society/organization with the capacity to have multiple helicopters of different types, as well as a competent military structure complete with a Lieutenant Colonel and a Major General (with presumably the necessary ranks in between), I would be more surprised if they weren't trying to find some form of cure. Especially considering that said Lt. Colonel says that they are "the last hope" for the world.
  3. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    There's nothing inherently wrong with having one's own version of the source material, that's kinda the point of an adaption, but deviate too far and it becomes a different property in all but name. At this point most of the characters aren't the same, the setting isn't familiar, while the story itself has been ruined to a large degree in no small part thanks to TPTB's attempts at creating this 'expanded universe'. Meanwhile the TWD comic proper is also a linear serial story, where the story is the main focus, rather than Marvel/DC comics which is are anthologies of stories with the characters being the main focus. Trying to treat Rick Grimes in a similar fashion to Batman, Iron Man etc. probably won't end well.

    And besides, the current TWD franchise is no MCU and Gimple is no Feige.

    As for a cure, again not inherently a problem, but the entire premise of TWD is to explore how the post-apoc society would function in this altered world, and making it about finding the cure is precisely the sort of cliche that Kirkman wanted to avoid so that TWD isn't just another generic zombie fiction. This isn't WWZ, TLOU etc.
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  4. Walkerzlayer

    Walkerzlayer Bowman Donor

    he was pretty much the only character in 1/1 until Morgan & Duane & walkers , so I'm with you on this one.
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