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Article Fear the Walking Dead season 6a will be like an "anthology" as story details are teased

Discussion in 'General Show Discussion' started by Robb Black, May 2, 2020.

  1. Stinkbug

    Stinkbug Sheriff Donor

    I do want to see Dwight and Sherry reunite! Oh and

    :madison: Hehe! Good luck with getting watchu want!
  2. Coltpython357

    Coltpython357 Midnight toker Donor

    Oh Scotty Gimple you rascal you
  3. Bre Phillips

    Bre Phillips Crimson Tide Chick Donor

    Poor Maddy. Deader than a door knob. I miss Nick, too! He was such a cutie patootie!:nick:
  4. Flynn

    Flynn Bowman

    But a crew member more recently said the FIRST HALF was more anthology. He specifically mentioned just the first half. Can't always go by the constipated Gimple-speak. We'll see but I do suspect the second half will be more traditional.
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  5. matt93

    matt93 Tank Driver Donor

    That crew member mentioned just the first half because they’ve only filmed the first half so far.

    Gimple certainly is the master of trolling but he’s never outright lied/backtracked when he’s said something 100% straightforward (which for the record is very rare and surprised me greatly). If he had been relatively vague about whether the entire season would be bottle episodes that would be understandable and fit perfectly with his established ‘Gimplespeak’ but he wasn’t.
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  6. Flynn

    Flynn Bowman

    Yes i'm aware that they only filmed first half but in my estimation he knows where they are going--and I still don't buy anything Gimple says as gospel and also things could have changed. I still suspect we won't have an anthology emphasis in second half. If i'm wrong, i'm wrong but this my guess. And Gimple did say "bit" more anthological--he was still being mush mouthed.
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  7. TeamLucille

    TeamLucille Bowman

    oh god expectations aren't high.....
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  8. TeddyWestside

    TeddyWestside Scott is Endgame. Donor

    So I'm curious why Gimple gets most of the backlash of Fear S5 (And now S6) when Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg are the showrunners and writers?
    I get that he is Executive producers of Fear but he also is that for TWD S9-10. Gimple did mentioned in a podcast back in October that his involvement in both shows aren't that big because he believes the showrunners should run the show.
    I know some might say, that Scott should have fired C&G but does he really have that privilege to do that, isn't that more AMC's job?

    Just some thoughts I had lately.
  9. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    Because the whole plot of Fear in seasons 4-5 is all Gimple (even if the showrunners deny it) - it's Morgan's show now, and Chambliss with Goldberg would never make it Morgan's show if they had a choice.
  10. Przewalski

    Przewalski Hammer Wielder

    Gimple made the choice to have Morgan as the central character, This choice has affected the show in a way that i do not see it recover from. Morgan worked as a supporting character but Gimple made him a caricature as a regular on his return in season 5 of TWD. There simply is not any nuance left with him anymore.
    He is either a batshit killer or a Gandhi wannabe with very poor dialogue. They should have made Fear about a journey, most likely Madison's, where she evolved in a villain. I believe Ericksson wanted that, but AMC/Gimple turned it into the Morgan Chronicles and Alicia painting trees in very skinny jeans :LOL:
  11. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    Yeah, he planned to make Madison a villain, and (if i understood right) not a villain good guys fight with and win, he wanted to tell her story, to keep her as the lead. The lead as a villain - it would have been so interesting.

    Yeah, the same Alicia who left her family, said " i don't need anyone", and she actually left and lived alone (at seventeen!) and never allowed anyone's opinions change her as a person.
  12. TeddyWestside

    TeddyWestside Scott is Endgame. Donor

    But how do we know thats true?
    Just curious here.

    I agree That Morgans crossover didnt improve anything. But I think any crossover can work if they write it well.

    I remember an interview where they asked (one of the) showrunner how much they talked with Gimple about killing off Madison they completely ignored the question and just repeat why they think it was necessary for the story.

    Edit:here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/a...ad-kim-dickens-madison-exit-explained-1119109
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  13. Enchanting

    Enchanting Hunter

    So basically a bunch of bottle episodes. I was thinking about maybe watching this series after having dropped it two years ago, but now I'm thinking that I'm better off not going through this torture again.
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  14. Chicago90

    Chicago90 crazy cat ronin Donor

    TBH, I would watch that over and over and over...especially if it ends with Skidmark leaping into Daniel's arms and giving him a snuggle.
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  15. Stinkbug

    Stinkbug Sheriff Donor

    That would be....wait for it....purrfect!:cat:

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