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Article Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Release Date Reportedly Revealed

Discussion in 'General Show Discussion' started by Robb Black, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. Robb Black

    Robb Black Content Manager | Spoiler Team Spoiler Team Content Manager Donor
    Fear TWD Filming Tracker

    Yeah I am just still bitter about TWD 701. It took almost half the episode before they showed us who Negan's victims were.
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  2. Flynn

    Flynn Bowman

    Yep--didn't like that either.
  3. TeddyWestside

    TeddyWestside Scott is Endgame. Donor

    Honestly. They could keep his fate hidden until the premiere yet they spoil it in every interview.
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  4. Flynn

    Flynn Bowman

    Maybe it finally got in their thick heads that it pisses fans off to have these long ass teases...so they decided lets stop this tease beforehand.
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  5. Savior1981

    Savior1981 Bowman

    Yeah, that's my fear. We all know that they didn't kill off Morgan but will leave it as a "big" reveal for later on...
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