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Article Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Release Date Reportedly Revealed

Discussion in 'General Show Discussion' started by Robb Black, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. kungfuramone2

    kungfuramone2 Bowman

    Seeing as we're talking about Fear the Walking Dead: it's more like handing people free pox-riddled blankets.
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  2. matt93

    matt93 Tank Driver Donor

    The thing there though is that everybody can very clearly see the forest from the trees and they’re already lashing out in full force, so what’s the point? By dressing up the glaringly obvious in fancy talk it only serves to add fuel to the already raging fire because it comes off condescending and gives the impression that they don’t put much value into the intelligence of their consumers.
  3. TeddyWestside

    TeddyWestside Scott is Endgame. Donor

    For all we know they created 16 amazing mini AAA movies. Calling all episodes a bottle episode is probably not good marketing, which is needed for people to return this season.
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  4. matt93

    matt93 Tank Driver Donor

    Again though, everyone can see right through their whole ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’ routine. It’s only serving to drive up the negativity and that thus makes for even worse marketing
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  5. KatanaQuest

    KatanaQuest Hammer Wielder Donor

    While it is certainly possible to creat 16 amazing mini movies, I do think it will be difficult. Black Mirror is a show that was developed expressly as an anthology series and even that has hits and misses, and they don’t even have to have a common serialized thread. But, if I was an optimist (which I am not) and gave FTWD the benefit of the doubt (which I don’t), I would still prefer to have the characters I care about together and follow what happens to them as a group, instead of having a myopic view of what is happening.

    We may have to wait weeks before we see a character we care about on screen. We also do not get the benefit of seeing how characters react to things happening to those they love (or it is reduced if only a couple characters are together In an episode). For example, if John is hurt, we might not get to see June’s reaction because she is in a different group or mini-movie.

    Hopefully, for the sake of the crew and cast that depend on the show for their livelihood, they will pull it off, or at least improve on the last couple seasons. The bar is actually quite low. Also, for the sake of fans that continue to invest in watching the show, but it doesn’t interest me personally.
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  6. Zombiegal007

    Zombiegal007 Ass-Kicker

    I wonder if Fear will get anything beyond season 7.
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  7. Robb Black

    Robb Black Content Manager | Spoiler Team Spoiler Team Content Manager Donor
    Fear TWD Filming Tracker

    At this point I would be happy if they just finished filming season 6. hahaha
  8. MulderYuffie

    MulderYuffie Tracker

    Idk honestly season 7 is a guarantee they are hitting that syndication goal but beyond that I have no clue.
  9. FatherDeath2793

    FatherDeath2793 RV Driver

    Had Erickson remained showrunner, it would've ended at season 7. But at this point, it's hard to tell.
  10. matt93

    matt93 Tank Driver Donor

    I’m pretty sure it would’ve ended at Season 7 regardless of who was showrunning, because of the whole syndication rights thing, but at least if it had ended under Erickson, the show would’ve likely gone out with tons of critical/fan acclaim, a genuinely devoted fanbase and more or less stable ratings.
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  11. merlecohan

    merlecohan Ass-Kicker

    What could be the order of characters in the mini movies?

    6x01 Morgan
    6x02 Alicia?
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  12. Mtricky

    Mtricky Ringleader Donor

    :unsure:Reads "if John is hurt"...
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  13. justpeachy59

    justpeachy59 Hunter

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  14. Pape

    Pape The Soulmate Donor

    With streaming services out there, I think the old idea of having so many eps for syndication is dead. They could walk away after s6 without worrying about syndication.
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    John Dorie is the closest thing they have to a break out star on the show. He would be right up there on the pecking order... Then add in the Dwight & Sherry show to try to lure more twd fans back to fear...
  15. NickMoore34

    NickMoore34 Tracker

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  16. Savior1981

    Savior1981 Bowman

    Hell, aside from Morgan in the first episode I couldn't even have an opinion. I just hope that they reveal if Morgan lived right away as to avoid the question lingering for too long.
  17. Robb Black

    Robb Black Content Manager | Spoiler Team Spoiler Team Content Manager Donor
    Fear TWD Filming Tracker

  18. Savior1981

    Savior1981 Bowman

    Ha! You're probably right... it'll be episode 6 or 7 before he shows up... I'm not even a Morgan fan but even I'll find that lame....
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  19. CarolFanTWD

    CarolFanTWD Bowman

    I won't be surprised. Seems like they're going for this whole mystery thing regarding his fate like Maddie... despite the fact it's been given away multiple times that he survives and it's supposed to be some big revelation that he survived a poorly executed cliffhanger fate
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  20. Flynn

    Flynn Bowman

    At most maybe they delay Morgan to second episode or end of the first--but most likely don't see him as missing any time...he should be very prevalent. Lennie did say in latest interview this is a very big year for Morgan. And he's the lead, so Lennie should be in the show constantly.
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