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Episode air date

Discussion in '10.16 "A Certain Doom"' started by Brent26, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. JPierreS7

    JPierreS7 Hammer Wielder

    Bet! It airs before the Premiere of the 3rd Franchise. How else will they get anyone to watch it.
  2. Nicky91

    Nicky91 Bowman

    it might be possible to finish work on the episode in a more calmer moment of this whole pandemic, i don't know what virologists say in america, but here in Netherlands, some say second wave could hit us by winter, so if a calmer summer i would take advantage of that and finish some post-production work for series/movies so you got new stuff to air on tv and people can stay at home during second wave
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  3. Angelic1

    Angelic1 Hunter

    in America they are also predicting a second wave this winter.

    read today somewhere that if a vaccine for COVID-19 is approved by then it might be combined with the flu shot but may need to be separate- I have to get 2 allergy immunotherapy shots because some can't be in the same vial
  4. Hugh Hawkes

    Hugh Hawkes Ass-Kicker

    I reckon 1016 airs late June/July and then World Beyond either has a mid season break after Ep 5 for FTWD or World Beyond airs in October instead of TWD. I do agree that amc will probably want to air it back to back with TWD but amc probably knows that if there is no TWD in October, people will try the new show in the void of the main show. Even if it’s shit.

    I’d probably go with this:

    TWD 10x16: June 28th
    TWDWB 1x01-1x05: June 28th-July 26th
    FTWD 6x01-6x08: August 2nd-September 20th
    TWDWB 1x06-1x10: September 20th-October 18th
    FTWD 6x09-6x16: October 25th-December 13th

    And then TWD returns in early 2021.
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  5. nadkathegreat

    nadkathegreat Ringleader Donor

    They already announced that FTWD 6a will air late Summer and TWB will premiere in the Autumn (with 1016 leading to its premiere most likely as was planned initially)
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  6. TeddyWestside

    TeddyWestside Scott is Endgame. Donor

    At this point I think we will see the S10 finale on Nov 1st or Oct 25th including the World Beyond premiere and Fear S6 Mid season finale and AMC Will promote it as a 10 year anniversary event.
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  7. dragonclaw74

    dragonclaw74 Hammer Wielder

    I missed that announcement. When did they say 6A would be in late summer? All I have seen AMC say is that TWB would air in the fall and then part of FTWD would air later. I did see the thing where Danay claimed it would start in August, but that was just her speculation wasn't it? Then that "oh so trustworthy" site WGTC posted that it would premiere on August 11, 2020. Which isn't even a Sunday and August 11th was the season 5B premiere date.
    Seems to me that TWB would be much farther along in post production than FTWD.
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  8. matt93

    matt93 Tank Driver Donor

    The Season 6 teaser trailer mentioned a summer release date
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  9. nadkathegreat

    nadkathegreat Ringleader Donor

    Ed Caroll made some comments, I think I read them on comicbook.com but not sure. sorry, can't google atm.


    Said COO Ed Carroll: "We moved The Walking Dead: World Beyond … back into [the] fourth quarter, so we are finishing post[-production] on that. That will be set to go. We have a new show, which is quite a bit anticipated called Soulmates, … that will be airing in the second half of the year. And we anticipate having some episodes of Fear [the Walking Dead] season 6 in the second half of the year as well.”
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  10. magsgreen

    magsgreen Tank Driver

  11. dragonclaw74

    dragonclaw74 Hammer Wielder

    Ok, I had seen the 6A trailer. I just figured that they had already finished the teaser and didn't change the date since it was supposed to be on in the summer anyway. Ed Carroll saying they "anticipate" having some of FTWD airing in the second half of the year just doesn't sound like a summer release to me. Sounds more like a we are hoping to get part of it in before the end of the year, but we can't guarantee. Just seems strange that he would confirm a fall TWB, but couldn't confirm FTWD.

    That will be weird to have half of FTWD then a completely different show, and the possibly the second half of FTWD.
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  12. PatriciaS

    PatriciaS Bowman

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  13. dagonlongwell

    dagonlongwell Tracker

    not just car company, a lot of other companys, supermarkets and other things, With all employees wearing a mask, and taking precautionary measures, all the necessary hygiene to not get infected and not to infect others, on reddit i get a lot of downvotes when i say that his is bullshit (not finish the post production), that they are doing this bc of that, attention and bc they know that they will not be able to start filming season 11 any time soon, (they way the things are not even august) and they know that if they release twd and world beyond they will run out of content for a long time...if this is a strategy to ease the time that we will be without twd entertainment and they are doing it for our sake, okay...but still...
  14. nadkathegreat

    nadkathegreat Ringleader Donor

    It's not unlikely that the second half of FTWD might not happen this year either. I mean the filming of it.
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