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[DEBUNKED]: Chandler wasn't upset by Beth's death

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by Smeghead30, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Death is hard for kids to handle and understand. Like we understand that they're gone and all but it's still hard to grasp. Also remember what Beth said about crying about death. It's no use anymore. Also Carl has a lot in his plate right now, he may not even have time to really think about it.
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    Plus, Carl is just a kid and cat go to most "adult" functions so he isn't as close with the cast. He didn't mean to be mean, just blunt.
  2. Mantis99

    Mantis99 Terminant

    I'm kind of confused by this thread. Are we talking Carl or Chandler? Beth, The Walking Dead TV character died. Why should that upset the actor Chandler Riggs? It's really no different than one of your co-workers getting fired. It might make you sad and a little nervous but you are probably not going to break into tears. If Emily Kinney the actress had died I'm pretty sure that would have deeply upset Chandler Riggs.
  3. Carl Grimes

    Carl Grimes Little Future Serial Killer Donor

    At the start, it was believed Chandler was asked how he felt about Beth's death. He expressed no negative emotions about it. Just stated he thought it would happen sometime, and he wasn't sobbing or anything. At the time Beth fans were doing their retarded "let's mail spoons" act, and making wackjob theories about how Beth couldn't have died, and overall just being immature idiots. When they saw what looked to be chandler's ask.fm showing no real emotion at all, they got livid and started a big fit.

    However, that is not a verified ask.fm. Just like Twitter, celebrities can "verify" their account and get a little verified icon next to their name (in this case a check mark.) http://ask.fm/Chandler_Riggs123 is the "REAL" Chandler, at least the one that's confirmed by ask.fm's staff. ChairHandler is Chandler's League of Legends and game handle, and he sometimes streams (live recording) his playsession. There are a lot of fangirls who like to pose as the celebrities they obsess over, either to condemn them and make people hate them, or to say the stuff they would like them to say when asked something. It can make things really confusing.

    In any case, chairhandler_1 may very well be Chandler's, but there's been no acknowledgment from him officially, and he already uses his verified account the most.

    I confused myself investigating the issue as I got mixed up with the tabs I had open and couldn't remember word for word what was said on ask.fm. In any case, at the end the day all you have to know is Chandler_Riggs123 is real, and chairhandler1 is fake.
  4. mrdead

    mrdead Lawman Donor

    Its amazing the things that get some people riled up. They asked the kid a question and he answered it.
  5. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    I know this is a super old thread, but I'm clearly running around all over this sub forum.

    Fans take super quickly to things they can't confirm or verify, and Chandler has never said anything pubicly that was callous or negative. If there was any interview where he sounded too rough around the edges, I wouldn't believe it unless it was a video of him saying it himself. He's just very honest and I've noticed even from his social media that he's pretty open and up front about what he wants to say, though of course he'll word it politely. He's smart and I'm sure he knows that saying something ridiculous or harsh, even if he's angry for example, is going to get traction on the internet and follow him everywhere. I know this is of course debunked and whatnot, but it's still completely ridiculous people ever got mad at him for this.

    Also, regarding the ask.fm accounts, Chair Handler1 is his real account (and he still has half year gaps between his posts, though of course I don't know if he's going to return to that account). I don't know if anyone's noticed by this point with how old this thread is, but Chandler types in all lowercase and he's very, VERY casual on social media. The checkmark on the other account isn't the legitimate checkmark symbol from ask.fm, either. It's a fake, copy/pasted checkmark. The website doesn't put checkmarks in the username, but on the side of the name with a blue bg and white checkmark.
    If someone's using Chandler's name and pretending to have an account for him, if they're typing with uppercase, for example writing "I" and not "i', or they're always actually typing out the word "you" and not writing "u", it's pretty blatantly not him. If they're acting formal, then they're definitely not him. Chandler likes to goof around, make jokes and meme. What I mean is, he likes to be quality. ;)

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