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[DEBUNKED]: Chandler wasn't upset by Beth's death

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by Smeghead30, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Smeghead30

    Smeghead30 Forum Mgr - Scruffy Nerf Herder Administrator Donor

    Thanks @Carl Grimes. I didn't see this article until today. What's ask.fm anyways.
    I wonder if this is legit. Doesn't seem very pc to me.

    Heartless? The Walking Dead’s Carl Doesn't Even Care Beth Died!
    Well, the real life actor wasn’t shocked

    The Walking Dead’s mid season finale ended with the shocking death of one of its main characters, Beth Greene, leaving fans and her fellow cast members absolutely devastated, but Chandler Riggs, who plays young Carl, says he wasn’t surprised at all and didn’t even cry.

    Beth, played by Emily Kinney, was shot in the head by Grady Memorial Hospital leader Dawn in episode eight, which was followed by a harrowing scene, showing a distraught Daryl carrying Beth's lifeless body to her sister Maggie who collapsed on the floor. Everyone was heartbroken at Beth’s death, all except Chandler, it would seem.

    When asked in an Ask.fm Q&A session with his fans how he reacted when learning Beth would die, Chandler replied: “Well scott [M. Gimple, series writer] called all of us (like he always does with character deaths) and told us that she would be dying. i figured it was bound to happen sometime, so i wasnt like sobbing or anything. (sic)

    “Plus i havent really done a scene with her since the mid season finale of season 4, and before that was in like season 3. it wasnt like i hung out with her all the time, so it wasnt super devastating for me (sic),” he admitted. At least he’s honest!

    Unlike Chandler, Norman Reedus is still struggling to accept Beth's death (AMC)

    Chandler’s admission is surprising considering most Walking Dead forums have been speculating for a couple of years now, that Carl has developed a crush on the pretty blonde. There are even fan sites and Facebook pages dedicated to the notion that a romantic relationship would develop between the pair, but with Beth now zombie food, hopes have been dashed.

    Sorry Carl and Beth shippers. Reminisce over their good times with this clip below:
  2. topsy

    topsy Hammer Wielder

    I've seen this in several place. I just about died laughing. The interesting thing is that he calls Ms. Kinney out about who knew Beth was going to die and when they knew it. Maybe Chandler was designated as the one to dispute her claim, because he's a kid and it won't be so bad if he calls her a fibber.

    I also love that he basically dismisses the 'one happy family' story that's TWD cast members always claim. He wasn't too broken up. And it's interesting that other cast members haven't rushed forward to express their sorrow at the loss of dear Beth.
  3. Maggie's Gun

    Maggie's Gun it’s britney bitch

    At least he's honest.

    One thing is for sure, I doubt these two would be talking anytime soon...

    Now, I would be more shocked if it was somebody like Lauren who came up and said this statement. The hysteria that follows afterwards is always amusing to see when people make "controversial" statements.

    That said, I will probably miss Emily, if only because she's been on the show for so long. I've made my peace with Beth.
  4. Smeghead30

    Smeghead30 Forum Mgr - Scruffy Nerf Herder Administrator Donor

    Kids can be brutally honest. :muted:
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  5. cairo palmiere

    cairo palmiere Terminant

    I herd that too, there are three reasons why he may not be effected by her death. First, hes a kid us kids don't have emotional feeling yet, yes we know what death is but it takes longer for it to effect us. ik cause i'm 15 i'm his age. Second, he hasn't really had any sceans with her beside the midseason of 4 and when they where in the prison. Third, there are a lot of theories out there that she may be alive, if you haven't noticed the GREENE family has been giving two lives, yah yah yah ik it sounds weird but hear me out, Beth's and Maggies mother when she came out the barn she was shot in the head, but what happened she came back and tried to attack Beth. Hurshal," may he rest in pieces" his neck was cut with the katona but it didn't go throw all the way he was still alive and squirming his way to safety. Beth got shot in the left corner of her head which is a place you can survive.
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  6. roman cavalry

    roman cavalry Site attache - maggie's centurion Donor

    He is getting bash because of it
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  7. chicklet

    chicklet RV Driver

    I've heard the cast discussing how they have hungout with each other off set. I've heard them talking about drinking and moonshine. They've gone to each other's homes, etc. If Chandler is the only kid in the cast, I'm not sure how welcome he would be to these adult gatherings. I'm sure he would rather hang out with his girlfriend and buddies. It makes perfect sense to me that he is so removed from the rest of the group socially that the attachments just aren't there.
  8. Carl Grimes

    Carl Grimes Little Future Serial Killer Donor

    Good on you Chandler. This is the sort of honesty I actually expect from people. I just feel sorry for the backlash he may get. Hoping it doesn't effect his stay on the show. I also like how he's not playing along with the "we had no idea" bull. Of course they knew.

    It also speaks volumes for how important Beth was to the show.
  9. Maggie's Gun

    Maggie's Gun it’s britney bitch

    Not surprised if I'm being honest.
  10. red handled machete

    red handled machete Moderator - Andrew Lincoln's Curl Twirler Board Moderator Donor

    Well done to Chandler for being so honest! In his defence I know my fifteen year old son would be just as matter of fact as he has been. He called it as he saw it and didn't try to put any spin on it. I admire that in a person so young.
  11. Carl Grimes

    Carl Grimes Little Future Serial Killer Donor

    Well look at the maturity level of the people who started all that crap at the end of last year. Of course he is.

    This tells me that either the entire cast had some sort of agreement to play up the drama of her death, saying things like 'we had no idea', 'it was so hard,' etc., or AMC explicitly told them to, and forgot about little Chandler.

    That said I think Reedus talks a lot. Exaggerates.

    Also it makes sense he wouldn't have a bond with her. The people he's close to are the ones who go to HIM to hang out with him, because that's the only way something like that could happen. Thus far that's a very select few. So, take note Emily did nothing in the way of getting to know Chandler.
  12. AlVan

    AlVan Ringleader

    Nothing he said is even remotely mean. I'm sure he's going to get all kind of shit for this anyway, though
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    I'm sure Norman was as devastated as he said. He was like that after Laurie Holden was written off too.
  13. Carl Grimes

    Carl Grimes Little Future Serial Killer Donor

    Ah, oh well.

    Just imagine how they'll feel if/when Carol/Daryl get killed off.

    And yea, he was honest and kind at the same time. It's clear the two simply had little to no interaction, didn't communicate outside of the set, etc. I guess it'd be like you go to some sort of event, meet someone there, and then never see them again. Then you go to that event again the next year and find out it's their last rodeo. You're really not going to give a crap. Might feel sympathetic towards their economic situation, but it's not really like Emily is in trouble. Acting is not like a regular job.
  14. Maggreene

    Maggreene 'Hot damn' Donor

    I must say I admire his honesty as well. I agree with @AlVan that he has't said anything mean.
  15. Maggie's Gun

    Maggie's Gun it’s britney bitch

    Personally I couldn't care less about what goes on behind screen. The entire cast could hate each other's guts and I wouldn't care, so long as they do their job and get it done right.

    I don't have a hard time buying Norman and Lauren's reactions though. They spent time with her the most, so obviously they are going to be upset she's left. Maybe Chandler would have been the same if they had more scenes together, but as I said I really couldn't care.

    It's pathetic he is getting bashed for it though.
  16. Ms.McLeod

    Ms.McLeod Hooplehead Donor

  17. Carl Grimes

    Carl Grimes Little Future Serial Killer Donor

    It's a shame this is one of the few sane places for this fandom. I'm hoping this isn't going to snowball, but I have a strange feeling it might. Especially with an article title like that.
  18. Maggie's Gun

    Maggie's Gun it’s britney bitch

    Hell will freeze over before this forum gets taken over by that sort of madness.

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  19. chicklet

    chicklet RV Driver

    Haha I do think reedus talks too much. He loves being in the spotlight.

    I would think that it would be behaving in a professional manner for most adults to not become buddy-buddies with a minor that wasn't in a mentor/big brother/big sister capacity. Maybe if they worked consistently together on a show and put in a lot of hours together? I'm sure the internet would burst into flames if an adult female and a teen boy were seen hanging out as friends.
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  20. Nat Allya

    Nat Allya Hair flip's master Donor

    I saw the Q&A but hesitate to post... not because of the issue of it, plenty characters died and it's not because they are working in a TV Show that this means that they love each other to death, but because I was having doubts about being really Chandler or not. By the look in the net, seems that it was really him.
    I don't know.... It's like if it wasn't him talking. Now, it's was just my feeling.
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