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Article Chandler Riggs reveals why he's 'happy' that Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by Niolle, Sep 21, 2018.

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    The Walking Dead EXCLUSIVE: Chandler Riggs admits Carl's death took him a WEEK to accept... and reveals why he's 'happy' that Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show

    He's starred in zombie drama series The Walking Dead since he was just 10-years-old.

    And cast, crew and fans alike were left gobsmacked at last year's decision to kill off Chandler Riggs' long-standing character Carl Grimes in a shocking mid-season twist, which saw him succumb to the bite of a vicious Walker.

    And Chandler - now 19 - admits that he mourned the decision to end Carl's life for a week, before finally coming to terms with it.

    'Everyone in the cast and world were shocked and it wasn’t fun to go through,' he told MailOnline, speaking about when producers, including Scott M. Gimple and Greg Nicotero, told him they were writing him out of the series.

    'After I found out about it, it took me a week to accept it. But a week later I realised that it was best for my career and my life in general.

    'I realised that it will open the door for new opportunities - to be able to leave and do more things.'

    Chandler - who resides in Los Angeles and is currently auditioning for other projects, with two movies in post-production - isn't the only major actor to be leaving the show - which is about to enter its ninth season and release its eighth (featuring Carl's death) on DVD.

    His on-screen dad, Andrew Lincoln, is also departing in the coming year - something Chandler admits he discussed with the former Teachers star before the decision was made.

    'He and I talked about it for a while. But he has to leave his family every single year for so long to film the show, so this decision to head out is so he can raise his family. So I'm happy for him,' he said.

    He went on: 'It's a huge loss for the show, but it will be interesting to see how they fill the story gaps from the graphic novel. Just like they have had to do with Carl.'

    The graphic novel - which is what the show is based on - runs concurrently with the series, and is ahead of it in terms of story. But in the comic-books, neither Rick [Lincoln] nor Carl Grimes are dead.

    The novels have been running since 2003 and, while the TV series has veered away from the comic-book plot in the past, this is arguably the biggest twist yet.

    'I wasn’t too happy with the decision,' Chandler added, of the decision to kill off Carl. 'I had to shift my life around, yes. But once I’d sorted that out I realised it was the best choice for me.'

    Comparing it to season seven's shock killing of similarly loved character Glenn Rhee [Steven Yeun], Chandler believes Carl's death was actually less of a twist.

    'Glenn’s death was more shocking in a way because of how quick and brutal it was. Plus, I personally didn’t find out about it 'til I read that script [unlike with Carl, when it was discussed with him in advance].

    'Carl’s death was dragged out across two episodes. But you know, both were equally as depressing.'

    Of promoting the release of season eight on DVD, Chandler said: 'In a lot of ways, promoting it isn’t a bad thing as it's been a yearly routine pushing it. But leaving the show was definitely the most bittersweet feeling.

    'Being in the show was just so fun and awesome, there are no bad memories for me. But Carl dying was definitely huge and a driving force for the season.

    'Things that happened - like Rick choosing to let Negan live - means that there were a ton of moments that make it a huge season.'

    Chandler will appear in Inherit The Viper later in the year - a crime thriller about young opioid dealers. Next year he will star in Only - a movie not dissimilar in theme to The Walking Dead with its post-apocalyptic plot. He will star opposite Freida Pinto and Leslie Odom Jr.

    'I'm auditioning for anything that’s good that comes my way,' Chandler said. 'There are some really cool concepts out there.'

    He added, wryly: 'I've got a new haircut, so I don't think I'll be typecast.'

    The Walking Dead: The Complete Eighth Season is available on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 24th September 2018, courtesy of Entertainment One.

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  2. Leafy

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    Idk why they still ask him the same questions at this point because he always gives the same answers. He's consistent though and I appreciate how his answers never change.

    I do feel like he's been typecast but getting into a crime thriller is at least a little out of the way from that norm. And I'm still waiting for those movies to be released.

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