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Chandler Riggs (Old)

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by SliceyDicey, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    Chandler debuts on another show. Suddenly an article is out to get him. An article covering a post he made fucking months ago. Then they pull Mr. Riggs' comments into it, from like, what, a week ago? Holy shit the media needs to leave him alone. I wouldn't be surprised if it was AMC paying journalists to do this, because it's literally the exact date he made his next debut. It's kind of hard for a person to move on from something healthily when media keeps shoving it into your goddamn face. :/ This is honestly disgusting.

    Yeah, they're still in post production.

    When TWD started, most people didn't expect it to go on this long. I also don't think at the time the actors needed to commit themselves as wholly to it. It's a totally different story now, and unfortunately Chandler was pushed to the back burner way too many times as is on TWD. That didn't help his situation either.

    I agree being off the show was the best thing for him, and he has said as much, though I'm not sure if he said it in part to help himself get over it in the beginning. He made a lot of snarky jokes at the show's handling of Carl's death on Twitter. He's polite in public about it because he has to be. It's more a public face matter that he has to do that or of course the media will jump on anything else.

    Considering the show kept making it a point to remind us Carl and Daryl were supposed to be the last men standing, yeah. Despite Chandler not even knowing where his life would be headed in three years (understandable because of his age and a lot changes in that time), he still signed what contract he could. Also, Norman was openly displeased with losing Chandler from the show. Norman probably knows he can be brutally honest and that people will follow him regardless of what the media tries to pull. Not only does he have enough of a following, but AMC probably knows he's what's holding TWD up still. He CAN be brutally honest (like saying the writers need to be more careful with who they take off the show because that's what people are still watching for - the old cast they've grown to love). He can speak his mind because he knows what he's worth to the show and its viewership. Norman from what I know is not the type of guy to abuse his influence, but I DO think he's not afraid to be honest when it comes down to it. Chandler would probably be slammed by the media. Norman isn't open like that often, so when he is it becomes more impactful. He's been honest thus far and AMC hasn't fired him, again, because if they have any intelligence at all at this point, they know they're stuck with him or a dead show.

    TL;DR the cast was NOT happy about losing him and potentially how it all went down, and Norman was able to be vocal about that and AMC did absolutely nothing about it. Michael Cudlitz has been VERY open in the past few years too (specifically at WSC panels) about how stupid he's found some of the writing to be. Now that he's also off the show, he's freely speaking his mind. Good for him, tbh.

    I wasn't hopping around many people's social media at the time, so I had no idea that happened. Good on them for that. I don't know how close they ALL were to Chandler, but that was very poor treatment of a minor at the time on AMC's part. Add to that how AMC mutilated their own show's story from doing that, and then add to that how stupid it all went down.
    Bet AMC either didn't notice or didn't care though. They think their show can go on and it'll be just as popular as it ever was. Joke's on them.

    I'm sure it does have to do with her own career, but looking at the facts, the cast who were closest to Chandler/Carl and around him/them the longest are all (rather quickly) removing themselves from the show among those who are left. Norman is still around, but at least he spoke his mind about it. It's not just that Andy, Lauren and Danai dropped off in general - it's that they all decided to drop off in quick succession post Carl. Even though Angela keeps gloating about how they're only writing S10 one way and that's with Maggie in it because talks seemed to be going nicely, Lauren's new show is getting pretty good promotion and is being promoted at the Oscars. Also, iirc there would be scheduling conflicts for Lauren if WC gets a season two?

    I'm sure it had to do with everyone else wanting to move on (and I don't blame them after such a length of time), but it's the timing that's most notable here. Andy was saying since season four he was planning to leave, but doesn't until less than one season's span of time passes after Carl is gone. Danai is around for one more full season post Carl, and it's possible she decided it just wasn't working for her and she wanted to do something else. It's good of her to not just drop the show off her radar and that she'll be returning to finish out her story on the show by returning for a few episodes scattered across S10, but ultimately what it sounds like to me is just that she's ONLY doing it for that purpose, and likely for the fans to have some kind of resolution on her story.

    I do think the writers are doing their best with what they have, but it's the fact that what they have is decreasing a lot more rapidly since Carl was written off. It's not their minor players to the story either - it's the people who were holding the show together. Andy just said it very politely by making good use of words to basically say Rick's story had crashed and burned and had no meaning anymore. With Carl and Rick both gone, Michonne having children doesn't matter as much as far as story and acting both go. Danai had Chandler and Andy as massive parts of her character and role for a very long time. Losing that can really change the experience and even potentially sour it. Not to say Michonne doesn't care for her children, but that Danai's experience may have changed too much for her to properly enjoy it anymore. She's surrounded by many new things and much familiarity is gone. Michonne lost two incredibly major parts of what made her role what it was since season four (when she really opened up to Rick and Carl). Taking all that away in such a small period of time? That can really ruin things for someone imo. I'm sure it was absolutely also her career, but I think the recent major losses to her character and the story overall for a show she loved so much really played a part in her decision.

    It's funny. Ultimately, what Norman said about being careful with what they did with their original cast turned out to be such a brutal truth. Getting rid of Carl has very likely caused this chain reaction of actors moving on. I don't think AMC planned to lose Andy, Lauren and Danai in such quick succession, and for the last two maybe even at all. Maybe they would've heeded Norman's words, but it was already too late. I love Daryl without question and I will watch because of him/Norman, but there's definitely a void left behind from his interactions not being able to include three of those four at current.
    Also funny how the now highest billed cast member is the one who lowkey called them out on their bullshit. Seems to me like they know they messed up with Chandler and can't do anything to stop him even if they wanted to if he wanted to call them out. Norman calls them out, suddenly next season he's the top billed cast member because he was put into the position to be.

    And of course, they're going to take out their own mistakes on the person involved in said mistakes.
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  2. BowlFullOfAwesome

    BowlFullOfAwesome Spoiler Team | #TSDFamily Spoiler Team Donor
    Spoiler/Social Media Stalker

    Isn't it possible it was seen again and commented on again now, because someone replied to the post 5 days ago? Then again 7 hours ago? I know the original reddit post was 3 months ago but the replies brought it back into recent search parameters for authors
  3. voidxgrimes

    voidxgrimes Deadmeat

    they probably are, if we’re being real here. after chandler’s exit, most people assumed he wanted out himself due to wanting to study at college. it wasn’t really suspicious, but then his dad came out with that statement about how he never trusted gimple, and how chandler was fired. he didn’t quit.

    chandler and his family had been around since the very beginning. there’s probably A LOT they could say about the working environment. i highly doubt all of it is good either(judging from what chandler’s dad said and other disputes they had with other cast and crew members earlier).

    what i’ve always liked about chandler is that he was never afraid to be straightforward. i’ve never seen an actor admit to the faults in their performances and take full responsibility for them either. and i respect that. obviously, yes journalists and the media can and will twist and use his words against him, but i don’t doubt that he knows that already.
  4. hpfan2342

    hpfan2342 The Fast and Furious Dead Donor

    I'm hoping that Chandler's role on A Million Little Things continues through season 2! I know he's going to be in next week's finale. Hopefully he sees some similar career trajectory as Steven Yeun and Daniel Radcliffe.
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  5. matchyman77

    matchyman77 Walker Bait

    There absolute vultures, pathetic attempt at character assanation against him, don’t know why people read the crap articles they post, they only cause trouble . Hopefully he can ignore these stupid articles and carry on moving on with his new gigs and life.
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  6. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    While I have absolutely no doubt that the comicbook.com article was published under the instructions of AMC, not least because said website has exclusive access to many BTS stuff that other publications do not have access to, I don't think the main purpose was to smear CR.

    Consider the 3 articles below which were also posted at roughly the same time, and by the same 'journalist':

    Now consider that ratings news was released on Feb 21 with "TWD" reaching historically low ratings for the show - the first time this has happened in 9 years. Obviously that throws AMC's reputation into even more doubt, especially amongst investors who may be reading those articles and making decisions based on said info, so they felt the need to cleanse ratings news from Google search algorithms etc and divert the public's attention from said news, and to an extent attempt to justify their (poorly done) decisions regarding character developments and exits. Hence the numerous clickbait articles posted in quick succession.

    That said this strategy will obviously fail in the long run given that the ratings decline is now a permanent issue. Unless they wanna try this week after week after week.

    Extremely unlikely, especially when considering 3 additional clickbait articles being released at the same time. They are trying to get people to forget about the ratings.
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  7. nancylee0812

    nancylee0812 Bowman

    Yep—-FAKE NEWS - Media, I’m talking about.
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  8. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    Regardless of what AMC was actually hoping to achieve with this article, and the other ones, I find their 'not my fault' attempts rather hilarious, not least because nobody is buying the story.

    That said once again I don't think CR should have made that Reddit post in the first place. Candid reflections are nice and all but there are things that are meant to be internalised, not to mention that he might not necessarily have the best picture in terms of how he actually did (personally I preferred his post-s4 performance when taking lack of good writing into account, and I think many people would hold similar opinions).

    JDM is probably the next one to leave, most likely influenced by the Carl fiasco too. He has repeatedly commented on the matter and he's not known for staying long on shows. Which ironically renders the alleged reason for off'ing Carl meaningless.
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  9. ndtuser

    ndtuser Bowman

    At 9:00 p.m., ABC's "A Million Little Things" ranked No. 1 in its hour with Adults 18-49
    (tie). The ABC freshman drama rose 8% over the prior week with Total Viewers to draw its 3rd largest-ever audience (5.3 million vs. 4.9 million) and grew 10% to match its series high with Adults 18-49 (1.1/5 vs. 1.0/5)
  10. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    Better comparison: 5.3 million vs 4.54 million viewership :LOL:

    No prizes for guessing as to why.
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  11. matchyman77

    matchyman77 Walker Bait

    Suck on that AMC
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  12. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    I know he's very mature and all, but I also acknowledge he's still very young. There are some things like this that he may think are good to do now but feel differently about later in life. Right now he's kind of also in that awkward stage between being considered a child actor and an adult actor. I wouldn't be surprised if he's still trying to find his footing in the business.

    Considering Negan leaves in the comics, I wouldn't be surprised. They could easily follow that and just have him leave on his own journey. Of course, if he leaves the main show I won't be surprised if they try to move him to Fear, but if JDM wants out I'm sure he'd refuse. He's definitely been vocal about not liking how Carl's story ended up, and didn't he say that was one of the main reasons he wanted to be part of the show? I'm sure all things considered they would've altered Carl's story anyway because of Andy leaving and the timeskip and all, but he'd still be on the show which would still open the way for more interaction and alterations of that story.

    It sucks too because I'm not a personal fan of Negan's character but I'm at the point where I'm clinging to whatever we have left for characters, so even losing Negan would bother me at this point. But if they lose him too, that's gonna hurt a lot for viewership too.

    Awww, but I wanted a free ticket to go see Chandler Riggs at WSC to congratulate him on his new role--!!

    ur gonna make amc cry : (((((

    : )))))
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  13. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    True, but the media vultures prey on old and young alike, and perhaps such lessons are best learnt earlier rather than later. Though tbh his PR game is already miles ahead of quite a few of his co-stars, and not even in the same league as AMC's... 'competent' PR. I've literally never seen a TV network ask another news site to flood news with clickbait to distract the public from falling ratings.

    I think my point was that if JDM wants out, it would most likely be leaving the franchise altogether given that it's essentially not what he signed up for. His reputation will allow him to easily find other well-paying roles, and I can't think of any reason why he needs to - or would want to - transfer to FTWD.

    At this point it's rather clear that many departures are due to factors beyond $$$ alone, though of course AMC has a rather bad reputation in terms of paying actors their due. And kudos to those actors, CR himself included, for not returning for the 'Rick Grimes' last episode' flashback scene.

    The cast had been so throughly gutted since they off'ed Carl that not only does TF not exist anymore (and tbh, TF was already effectively disbanded since NWO at the very latest, thanks to Gimple's writing), but even the remaining OCs are diluted to the point where there isn't really a significant difference between them and the new characters as all the original character relationships are gone. One reason why Carl being off'ed was so narratively devastating compared to, let's say, Sophia's was because of his bond with Rick.

    Nor am I exactly sure what Negan could bring to the table at this point in terms of viewership, especially given that his presence on the show had been correlated with some of the largest ratings plummets the TV industry ever saw - to put it bluntly his characterisation has been extremely tainted and disliked by much of the audience. I've read praises regarding Negan-Judith interactions, but then again Judith herself is far less popular among the general public than on sites like this one. I don't think his loss would actually be that great compared to the actual original cast.

    The only feasible way to redeem his characterisation would have been to have him interact with Carl as per the comics, but that ship had long since sailed.

    Actually got to meet him once - just over exactly 3 years ago at WSC 2016. He is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet.

    For such a cold blooded corporation AMC is surprisingly easy to trigger. I mean, even our very site managed to do the job :P
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  14. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    I know what you're saying about JDM leaving. I just mean AMC would probably actually be that desperate and try to move him just to keep him. Granted, while I'd love to see Strand put Negan in his place and outdo him, I'd rather that be on the main show.

    Honestly, I hope AMC realizes their mistake and realizes it's the biggest mistake in their channel's history. They had the best show on basic cable TV, and though their ratings had dropped, they had a decent steady eight million going for them before they got rid of Carl. It wasn't too bad. Getting rid of Carl spiraled the series downward and it hasn't stopped. They obviously did not think of the long term affects this would have. Like, yeah, okay, you got rid of one character and some people think Carl fans over exaggerate. However, Andy more or less admitted Rick's story was dust now, who is the main character, and he was already planning to leave but it sounds like this made him leave faster (also taking into account what Mr. William Riggs expressed about it). Now Michonne has lost her two main motivators since S4. Yes, Michonne has kids now, but for Danai, she's lost the two main actors who her role revolved around. Yes, Michonne loves her children. However, for Danai as the actor, she's lost much familiarity in this series. The characters who influenced her character most since Michonne began opening up to them in S4 are now gone, and Danai's career is taking off in other directions. If Andy and/or Chandler were still on the show, perhaps she would have chosen to stay on the show or try to work out her time on the show in a different way. Having lost the key aspects of her character though, it's a pretty easy decision to make.

    It's not just the fact that we lost Carl. It's the fact that that was guaranteed to become a chain reaction of events, and Gimple thought he was so brilliant for doing it and how he executed it. If the actor themselves, who had been playing that character for eight years and has had to consider that character's thought process for eight years, is able to joke about how stupid it was, you're not that brilliant. And let's not forget that Chandler has admitted he asked why Carl didn't shoot Negan in 7x07. It's not a bad thing to ask, no. He should be asking about his character's motivations. Learning about one's character is the best way to be able to act for that character. I get the impression though that Gimple didn't like the concept of being questioned in his writing. He strikes me as having way too much of an ego and thinking he's a perfectionist to be questioned.

    From everything I've seen, I can imagine he is! It's nice to hear the feedback. I've heard he's very down to earth and polite. I see actors all the time who seem to fake their reactions and responses in interviews and stuff and people who really don't seem that invested in meeting fans.
    If I can get my hands on one of his Eclipse bracelets, maybe I'll take it with me to a con when I'm getting an autograph. =o
    Also if anyone's interested in those bracelets, you can find the details here!
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  15. BowlFullOfAwesome

    BowlFullOfAwesome Spoiler Team | #TSDFamily Spoiler Team Donor
    Spoiler/Social Media Stalker

    that's how clickbait articles work :LOL:

    and articles about Chandler don't make people forget the ratings, especially when a simple google search shows 75 times as many articles about rating vs. what chandler said 3 months ago
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  16. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    I thought about AMC/Gimple reasons to get rid of Carl. Ok, they

    1) Didn't want Carl on the show without Rick
    2) They didn't want Chandler on the show (money reasons or they just didn't like Chandler etc.)
    3) They wanted TWD to become an ensemble show after Rick's exit
    4) They wanted to give Rick/Carl comic storyline to Daryl/Henry/Carol
    5) They didn't care about Maggie and let Lauren leave
    6) They knew that Danai won't stay after her contract ends
    7) They were planning Rick Grimes movies

    What they could do with it?

    Write a good exit for the whole Grimes family. A good arc where Rick/Michonne/Carl/Judith leave Alexandria just like they left the house in 4.11.
    Promise the audience that the Grimes will come back in one movie. Film that movie during 2019-2020.
    Yeah, they wouldn't have been able to have "Mary-Sue-Judith-Grimes" on the show anymore, but do they really need her when all her family are now gone?

    But they chose to lose all these characters one by one and without any plan. Angela is planning "to write something" for Maggie if Lauren returns, but what if she doesn't?
    And the same thing will happen to Michonne now. Another exit 6 years after Rick when it made more sense to have them leave together.
  17. BowlFullOfAwesome

    BowlFullOfAwesome Spoiler Team | #TSDFamily Spoiler Team Donor
    Spoiler/Social Media Stalker

  18. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    Not to say I think you're wrong about these, because they very well could be the reasons. Looking at them from AMC's perspective though, with 3, it could still be an ensemble show with Carl involved. Also, for all their talk about it being an ensemble, it's not. The story now follows Daryl and all major events have affected Daryl in some way. So far, just from what's come out, Daryl is the new main character. Whether it's an ensemble or Daryl is the new lead, Carl could've fit in fine.

    Personally I find no reason for 4 unless Daryl is the main character, so them claiming it's an ensemble is still off.

    I do think 1 and 2 are the best bets and probably 7. If they knew Andy was leaving the main show because of scheduling and how long he has to be in the US for filming, they probably planned something else a long time ago to keep him in the franchise but away from the time consuming portion of it.

    I agree they should have just taken the whole family out together in the first place for a spinoff instead of what they did do. No matter what now, Rick's been missing for six years but is alive. He's had none of his family with him, biological or chosen. His family, either one, was the entire point of his character. Keeping that group alive was his meaning. It's how he was able to go on, even when he lost his wife and son permanently. His meaning was to keep Carl alive, and when that failed, he tried to keep at least his memory alive (so in the end, his character goes right back to Carl).

    I agree that Judith has really lost her meaning. None of her biological family is even still alive, and both her adopted parents will be gone. I've seen some speculation that Negan might adopt Judith, but if JDM leaves? What are we gonna do, have Daryl adopt everyone's kids? Probably, apparently. Maybe he'll start an orphanage with Aaron. May as well end the show that way at this rate.
    Judith is around ten years old. She can't hold herself up. She can't run a household on her own. Someone will have to take her in. But still, she's lost her entire family once Michonne leaves. Unless they're planning another massive timeskip so she's old enough to be the head of household so to speak, she's gonna just be passed around.

    The whole thing about Maggie infuriates me tbh. Angela was saying she's certain Maggie will be in S10 because talks with Lauren were going nicely, yet Angela didn't even seem to bother considering what life would look like for Lauren by the time S10 was being filmed. Any truly good writer would never only write one version of a story with the absolute assumption your actors will be completely available about a year's time from then. It's fine to say you're writing a version with Maggie included and a backup in case Lauren can't be there, but to say with absolute certainty that you're only writing one script? I thought Angela was a great writer tbh, but this really backtracked my opinion of her completely. That kind of attitude is similar to how Gimple acts, and Gimple is known to be the man who ruined the show to the point of no return.

    All these issues are making the story kind of convoluted and I really do not think it was worth it. I hate it because I love this show and I always introduce my friends to it and I find myself rewatching the show a lot. The problem is, when I get to like, mid S7, I get bored and want to start all over from the beginning. I know I say S7 is my favorite, but I've also recognized it's my blatant bias with Carl and that my favorite version of his character is in that season. S7A was pretty good to me, but 7B bores me a lot and that is definitely due in part to the massive lack of Carl in it, but in general? The storytelling is bad, the pacing is horrific and most of it was pure nonsensical filler to lead up to the finale.

    Looking at the show now, it's like... I really wanna ask Gimple, "was it worth it? Was all this worth losing Carl?". It's not just about one character. It's about the chain reaction and affects it's had on the entire story. I don't think it was worth it.
  19. Mangel2000

    Mangel2000 Tracker

    Angela is doing what she can because she has nothing to do with actors leaving the show. And I think she is doing a good job even if Carl, Rick or Maggie are not in the show anymore.
    I’m sure Michonne will join Rick in the movies with Rick Jr and Judith.

    Having said that, the movies were planned since season 4 I think. And obviously the movies are about Rick searching for his family. So I dont understand why the hell they decided to kill off Carl. It makes no sense because you ruin not only the show, but the movies a little bit.
  20. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    Exactly. I'm shocked that they planned for Rick to die under the tree in 8.16 and the whole story of season 8 was leading to his death, all the clues in 8.01 - and they changed everything in the last second because of these stupid movies.
    How can something like this be considered a good writing? It's a joke. You either kill Rick Grimes or you don't, and magical helicopters can't be the reason your lead character is no longer on the show :hilarious:
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 23, 2019, Original Post Date: Feb 23, 2019 ---
    No. Andy said they planned to kill Rick and changed their mind after Comic-con 2017.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 23, 2019 ---
    But Rick, Carl and Maggie were the show. What they're filming now is a spin-off, "Walking Daryl and friends", not "Walking Dead".
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