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Chandler Riggs (New)

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by SliceyDicey, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. SliceyDicey

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    Discussion for Chandler Riggs
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  3. Smeghead30

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    After 5 years!! Chandler gets a new thread!
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  4. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    News from A Million Little Things:



    Here's another article about his interview:


    Anyway he seems like having a decent time on his new show, so kudos to him for turning things around despite the circumstances.
  5. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    I feel like he's good at that... I'm proud of him and hope this means he's signed on for S2, because that's what it sounds like?

    Funny that he mentions he relates to Rome and it seems like that was a big part of his decision to be part of the cast. That was what invested me in the show to begin with before anything else in a way. It worries me a little that Chandler would connect to the things he specified, but he sounds like he's feeling better about it now.

    I feel like if there's one thing Chandler has in common with Carl, it's that Chandler's gonna beat this world. owo
  6. hpfan2342

    hpfan2342 The Fast and Furious Dead Donor

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  7. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    His arc was clearly not finished and he was at the end of the episode, so yeah. Looks like he'll have a spot in season two. I'm glad. <3

    Also hoping he'll interact with Maggie next season because she's apparently his therapist now.
    Rome wants a kid and I'm just lowkey like hey I have an idea, Rome.

    Yay for Chandler probably having a job lined up! >3<

    Highkey sad that the season is over and I have to wait now. Sounds like Chandler's got a new song coming out soon though!
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  8. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    So they said in the episode that PJ is Jon's friend's son, but TVLine asked the showrunner this and

    Show Spoiler

    TVLINE | We’re getting short on time, but I want to talk about PJ. PJ is Dave’s son, that’s correct?
    [A very long silence] PJ is Barbara’s son.

    So it'c clear he's Jon's son, right?

    I hope it's true!
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    Omg, the showrunner said:

    "PJ was not a new character in the finale. He was in Episode 16, him walking past the hospital and what brought him to the hospital and why he’s there will also be part of Season 2."

    So Chandler will definitely appear in season 2 :happy:
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  9. Leafy

    Leafy Bowman

    From what I understand, PJ (they called him Patrick, right?) is suspicious of something when he's watching that video. Maybe he's doubting who his real father is? Why would he go out of his way to seemingly sneak watching something just to... sneak watching something? When Barbara called him he was startled and closed the laptop like he wasn't supposed to see it, and he sounded very rushed when he responded. :peeking:

    We got to know the name Barbara Morgan earlier into the season. Didn't realize it would bring a nice Chandler along with it.

    I swear when S2 gets announced there's gonna be like, me, you, @xyzw1234 and @ndtuser peeking around a corner one head over the other, waiting for Chandler news. :angelic:
  10. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    I only heard of A Million Little Things because of the news regarding CR. That said the series seems to be very good; along with The Good Doctor and Whiskey Cavalier, ABC seems poised to become what AMC would have been had the latter stuck to its proper course half a decade ago.

    That said it's good news that CR's role is more permanent. Hopefully without any unpleasant BTS surprises this time :happy:

    That assumes I'm still around on TSDF by then. I may still pop in from time to time but I'm afraid my regular presence on these forums is drawing to a close.
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  11. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    Nice to see that DJ Nash (a showrunner) tweeted nice things to Chandler even though he's been on the show only in 2 epidodes.
    Gimple never did that in 8 seasons :angelic:
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  12. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    Q: What type of company employs people at entry level, trains them until they are more versed in their craft and can bring in $$$, then fires them so that they can be hired by the company's competitors?
    A: AMC
  13. ndtuser

    ndtuser Bowman

    Also read in an interview by DJ Nash that people were worried that Maggie was going to die by the end of the season, and his response was something along the lines if he knew he had struck gold with the actors who play Maggie and Gary and their chemistry and he wasn't about to mess with that. You have to appreciate a showrunner who understands his actors, understands his audience, and understands what has made his show successful.

    BTW, even though they made it look like PJ is Jon's best friend's son, I'm still convinced he's Jon's son because of cryptic response @Niolle had mentioned and what else could the J stand for? Patrick ? I don't think it's a Jr. Which means good things for Chandler's length of time on the show.
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  14. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    Of course, and it seems that ABC has struck gold in terms of their writing and production team as well as their actors. The good thing about shows like AMLT is that since it's not based on an existing work, there is considerably more flexibility in terms of writing the plot around characters and whatnot.

    I'm pretty much dead certain he's Jon's son in the same way that I was dead certain GoT's R+L=J theory was true. PJ being Jon's son gives him far more stakes in participating among the various events with the main cast. I may be wrong ofc but I deem it unlikely.

    I think CR will need to at least have a recurring role in the next season given the mystery built around his character, and my hunch is that he will probably have the chance to remain until either the show ends/is cancelled or he wants out. The premise of AMLT is that friendships and relationships can simply drift in and out as time passes, so there is neither a need to remove X% of cast per season or that certain characters need to stay lest the story fall apart. That's how to properly do an ensemble show.

    On that note I cannot overemphasise how strategically important this role is from CR's perspective. His years as a child actor were spent entirely within the horror genre (he's also done 2 films in addition to TWD IIRC - one's alright the other's a laughing stock), and staying on TWD for longer would have both typecast him and possibly made it harder to jump from a sinking ship when the show finally ends (show was clearly on decline even before the Carl fiasco, and does anyone seriously believe in the multi-decade franchise?); the way in which he was fired certainly drummed up public sympathy for him. In fact I'm rather surprised as to why he didn't consider leaving earlier, but I guess he actually cared about the role he played and the overall TWD story, unlike certain other individuals.

    Welp I'm glad everything seems to be working out for him, at least if his plan was to eventually step out of the horror genre.

    Edit: As for Carl - let's be honest, the TWD story was already butchered anyway even if he weren't killed off on the show. Kang certainly delivered a better s9, but frankly s7 and s8 were low hanging fruit, and I cannot help but feel that there's an uncomfortably large chance that either Kang is Gimple v2 (remember how well Gimple was received when he replaced Mazzara?) or Gimple would meddle again. I don't think AMC could do Carl - or indeed any of the other characters - the justice they deserve.

    Edit 2: CR looks so different compared to his time on TWD!
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  15. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    Yeah i agree, he's now connected to Rome, Maggie, his parents and Jon. And if he's Jon's son it means he has siblings as well (Daniel and Sophie).
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  16. ndtuser

    ndtuser Bowman

    I couldn't agree more. This is the best move for Chandler career wise. He needed to land a role that is a complete 180 from TWD.
    I agree with this as well. I love season 4, and that was Gimple's 1st season as showrunner. For as much as everyone is singing Kang's praises, I have a strong feeling she will start to make some of the same mistakes as Gimple did if given enough time, after all, she wrote many of the scripts in s7 and s8, so she holds some responsibility for the slow pacing and crappy dialogue those seasons are known for.
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  17. xyzw1234

    xyzw1234 Hammer Wielder

    Of course. Staying in the same job for more than half your lifetime is generally bad career advice, especially in the entertainment industry, and especially if it's your first major role. And believe it or not, but 'TWD 'Expanded Universe'' is, in fact, not the MCU.

    Still find it funny as to how ABC is scooping up AMC's actors.

    She doesn't need to start. She already did.

    Even disregarding the narrative damage done in earlier seasons, there is still legit criticism levied against poor characterisation, subpar character interaction, and Judith Sue - you can probably sense a theme among those. And there's already a thread about new characters being less compelling on this very forum. And of course it gets even worse when you factor in the irreparable damage Gimple did, though that's more s9's issue rather than Kang's.

    And as this Reddit post and subsequent replies show praise of s9 is far from universal, even among those who are actually watching it: https://www.reddit.com/r/television/comments/avutn7/has_a_show_ever_unjumped_the_shark/ehhybgj/

    On that note I cannot help but feel that this thread is probably simultaneously the most critical of TWD on this forum and has more news about A Million Little Things than, well, the 'A Million Little Things' thread. Neither is surprising but still very interesting.

    Anyway I wonder how long it will take for CR to become 'A Million Little Things' Chandler Riggs' instead of 'The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs'.
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  18. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    Jon and PJ have the same hair

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  19. ndtuser

    ndtuser Bowman

    Yep. He looks like he could easily be Jon's son. He looks a lot like the boy who plays Jon's son Danny also.
    I always thought Chandlet looked like a perfect mix of Sarah (the hair) and Andy (the eyes) also.
  20. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    Yeah. Perfect casting.
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