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Article Chandler Riggs Gets Incredible Yearbook ‘Senior Ad’ Page

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by red handled machete, May 2, 2017.

  1. red handled machete

    red handled machete Moderator - Andrew Lincoln's Curl Twirler Board Moderator Donor

    Imagine being Chandler Riggs for a second. Not only are you part of the most famous television series in pop-culture, but your character gets to fight zombies as his way of life. Now, that isn’t exactly the most exciting way of life, but it’s certainly something out of the ordinary. For both Chandler and Carl, living a life other than ordinary comes as second nature.

    Chandler Riggs is a senior in high school and has kept up with a rigorous schedule as well as an exhausting work and work tour schedule. On top of this, he still manages to have a social life and – most importantly – he makes his parents proud. So proud, in fact, that they took out a special ad out in his high school yearbook and while it may look ordinary enough, he’s got that whole ‘cover of Entertainment Weekly’ going for him that not many others can say they’ve got.

    One of Chandler’s classmates posted a photo of this yearbook senior ad on Reddit and it is really sweet. They made a dedication under a collage of photos of Chandler at various stages of his life and career.


    ‘From the time you were four years old, we knew you were destined to do great things. You have been given a special gift and you’ve proven to us that you can balance your professional life with a rigorous school schedule. We didn’t know how you’d be able to keep up at all, but you’ve done it! We are so proud to be your parents and we thank you for sharing your crazy journey with us. Congratulations! We love you! Mom and Dad’

    Chandler’s journey certainly has been a crazy one and his parents have every reason and right to be insanely proud of him for all he’s accomplished and all he’ll continue to accomplish in the future.

    We’re sending you our congratulations too, Chandler! Way to go!

  2. Bre Phillips

    Bre Phillips Crimson Tide Chick Donor

    Thank you for posting this, RHM! We forget sometimes that he's a kid and has as much going on as any adult on the show. It makes my heart sing to know he has awesome parents that support his dreams! Such a good boy!:happy:
  3. BigPeach

    BigPeach Hammer Wielder

    All this and he is graduating with honors and has a ride to Auburn University as well. Really sweet and polite in person too.
  4. red handled machete

    red handled machete Moderator - Andrew Lincoln's Curl Twirler Board Moderator Donor

    Totally agree, I think he's a credit to his generation. :happy:
  5. Walkerbait75

    Walkerbait75 Grimes family and Connie Stan Donor

    Aww that's a cute ad, his parents must be so proud!:happy:
  6. Vnnoel

    Vnnoel Certified Rick + Michonne trash™ Donor

    Congrats chandler! I feel like a proud mother :happy:
  7. BowlFullOfAwesome

    BowlFullOfAwesome Spoiler Team | #TSDFamily Spoiler Team Donor
    Spoiler/Social Media Stalker

  8. Axel

    Axel Hammer Wielder

    Congrats to Chandler! Thanks for posting @red handled machete

    He's actually got a better ride now, to UGA!
  9. BigPeach

    BigPeach Hammer Wielder

    Really? That's awesome. Is he switching? Athens is a long way from Senoia.
  10. Axel

    Axel Hammer Wielder

    Yeah it is! His goal was always UGA, Auburn was just a falback. I don't think he's specified which campus he's going to go to.
  11. RicksNub

    RicksNub You come at the King, you best not miss. Donor

    Very very cool. Sometimes I forget how young he was when he first started on the show.
  12. GrimesFamily

    GrimesFamily When I say Rick, you say Grimes Donor

    Very cool! Way to go, Chandler!!!
  13. TWD 4GR

    TWD 4GR Content Manager -Mr. C's Personal Pink Robe Holder Content Manager Donor

    Haha, me too! ❤️ So happy for him! He's such a great young man.
  14. Jessee

    Jessee lazy Donor

    awwww that's so sweet
  15. mrdead

    mrdead Lawman Donor

    Congrats Chandler! you have a great family
  16. stoneridgehouse

    stoneridgehouse That Neighbor With a Bunker Donor

  17. Lucille Grimes

    Lucille Grimes Baseball Bat Donor

    It's funny how many people say he's spoiled and stuff just for this, but most high schools allow parents to buy an entire page in their yearbook -- and it doesn't actually cost much. Just proud parents, and they should be! Chandler certainly had his work cut out for him just to manage school and the show, and not only that, he was an AP student. I'm proud just as a fan!
  18. jessica

    jessica We have to go back! Donor

    Wow that was nice! Thanks for sharing Red!
  19. Rdatpearce

    Rdatpearce Bereaved Carl Fan Donor

    Mom and dad have done a great job. And any of us that have, or currently are, raising teenagers in this world can attest; it's not easy. Just your average teenager has to deal with so much more than I did in the 80s. We dealt with insecurities and peer pressure, but at least it wasn't being critiqued by social media. Add on the money he's making, and it could easily be a recipe for disaster. So, mom and dad, you've done an awesome job.
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  20. Carol's Cookies

    Carol's Cookies Aaron Rodgers' cookie maker Donor

    Thanks for sharing @red handled machete! I think it's awesome that he is continuing his education. It sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders and a great life ahead of him. It's clear how proud his parents are of him, and they should be! :happy:

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