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Best Performance of Chandler Riggs

Discussion in 'Chandler Riggs' started by AlVan, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. No Worries

    No Worries Couch Potato Donor

    How it’s Gotta Be and the last scene of Too Far Gone.
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  2. aussie chris

    aussie chris Marauder

    I've always thought he was solid, and never understood the criticism of him, his performance in 8/8 I found excellent, an indication of what could have been.. And he delivered that performance whilst reeling from shabby treatment by gimple et al. He's off the rapidly sinking ship, but he's not the rat.
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  3. Coltpython357

    Coltpython357 Midnight toker Donor

    After is still my favorite Carl episode. His best performance was How It's Gotta Be
  4. tkmac72

    tkmac72 Tracker

  5. Miajune

    Miajune Daryl & Connie deserve nothing but happiness Donor

    After was a good one and he was great in How It's Gotta Be
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  6. Walkerbait75

    Walkerbait75 Grimes family and Connie Stan Donor

    Killer within, After,616, 701, Sing me a song, and How its gotta be are the all time best but I love everything he did in seasons 3 and 4.
  7. pointlessdani

    pointlessdani do you wanna fight™ is my brand now i guess Donor

    Killer Within, After, and How It's Gotta Be.
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  8. Lucille Grimes

    Lucille Grimes Baseball Bat Donor

    I'm super excited to see Chandler's performance in 809... Seeing what's going to happen in 809, however...
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  9. Lovedsammy

    Lovedsammy Carl Grimes Deserved Better Donor

    - Killer Within: that hardened expression he had on his face when he came out after shooting Lori? That look sends chills down my spine every single time. Incredible.
    - After: He carried this episode so well and made Carl's grief and anger palpable.
    - Sing Me A Song: He played off of JDM SO well, and it was ripped right from the comics, so it's still one of my fave eps.
    - How It's Gotta Be: I can't even say anything. Chandler's performance was stellar and heartful. It's my favorite performance of it, despite it being Carl's last stand. Despite how much I hate what happened, I can't commend Chandler enough for how well he did. I know 8.09 is going to be even worse, but I'm positive Chandler will knock it out of the park and I'll have to love his final scenes because it's him.
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  10. sunliner403

    sunliner403 Bowman

    ^^this. Word for word
  11. Niolle

    Niolle Ringleader

    8.09 was his best performance.
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  12. Ianato

    Ianato Tracker

    I agree with these. And the episode where’s Carl actually died as well. As sad as his death was u gotta admit Chandler killed it in the episode
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