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Article ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Wrapping Post-Production, With Fall AMC Premiere On Track

Discussion in 'General Show Discussion' started by TeddyWestside, May 6, 2020.

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    ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Wrapping Post-Production, With Fall AMC Premiere On Track

    AMC Networks is managing to finish post-production on its third The Walking Dead series and still intends to air it in the fourth quarter of the year despite complications imposed by COVID-19.

    The Walking Dead: World Beyond had already been delayed to the fourth quarter, but COO Ed Carroll confirmed during the company’s earnings call with Wall Street on Tuesday that it would be “set to go” as planned. The spinoff, first announced last year, was one of several shows whose status was reviewed during the call with analysts, which also featured a forecast for 30% lower ad revenue in the second quarter.

    “We have made some adjustments, moved the Killing Eve premiere up a couple of weeks and, you’re probably aware, moved Walking Dead: World Beyond back into the fourth quarter. We’re finishing post on that, that will be set to go,” Carroll said on the call.

    New anthology show Soul Mates will be airing in the second half as well, Carroll said, along with some episodes of the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead. The zombie franchise shoots in Georgia, he noted, with officials there leading the charge to reopen and ease COVID-19 restrictions on movie theaters and other businesses. “Writers rooms are open and we will monitor week-to-week, if not day-to-day production schedules. We don’t have any information now” about the outlook for shooting, Carroll said.

    CEO Josh Sapan said writers are also at work on the 11th season of The Walking Dead and the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul “to virtually create those shows.”

    TV and film production has been halted since March and the industry has only recently began actively discussing how to approach ramping up as and when when states and cities open after a prolonged period of shelter at home policies. Unlike other states, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp partly opened the state up for business last week although many still fear the spread of the virus.

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